Updates Aug 13, 2015

I’ve updated my Link’s page.  For those who follow me on Tumblr/FB/Twitter you probably realize I got to meet Notation and then dragged her out to Hot Pot.  We discussed about all the hardships about running a webcomic and possible solutions to make things easier and to get our comics in front of more people.  Anyways check our her Yaoi comic Devoto, description and link located in my Link section

Announcement Feb 2015

Hi everyone,

Just a few things I’d like to tell the world:

1. If you’re going to Anime Next 2015 in New Jersey, I’ll see you there! :)

2. In the printed book, there was an extra page for Nelson and Venus, I’ve included that onto the website, you can see it HERE

3. Pandect will soon be translated into Spanish and I can’t wait to see it! (Even though I don’t speak/understand Spanish).  I put together a package for anyone who would like to translate Pandect, the package includes all comic pages of book 1 with no words (blank bubbles) and the font I use (font only works for languages that use the 26 letter alphabets).  If you would like more information or receive the package send me an email: morbid.prince@gmail.com with what language you’re translating to, and your website.


Thank you and have a wonderful evening! :)




Pandect Patreon

Hi everyone!

I… er… started a Patreon page. I am usually not the type of person who ask for money, but money certainly helps this comic and definitely an encouragement for me.  Due to life, most likely book 2 will be delayed in launching I’ve done a total of 5 pages in 2 months, I’m way behind schedule. there’s a chance book 2 will go on sale after all pages has gone online.  I thought about it as I will not let life stop me from drawing again.

Starting next week I will only be posting page updates on my Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter pages.  I’ll be reserving the sneak peek previews for the Patron only.  The comic will continue to update here so not to worry! If I get a lot of support I will upload more contents including videos and high rez images and PDFs via Patreon.

I’m not asking for much, if you enjoy my comic please consider becoming my Patron ^^;;; every little bit helps!  Thank you!

Visit: www.patreon.com/pandect

– Morbidprince

Pandect Book 1 on Sale

Paperback: $15.99 USD
EBook: $7.99 USD


Paperback available from:

*Prices are subjected to change by Amazon without any advanced notice given to me.

EBook available from:

Note: For paperback I do get a bigger cheque if you buy from Createspace directly, but they don’t have sales or that free shipping program like Amazon does. If you are more comfortable with Amazon go for it, I’ll still get paid for the sale (even if Amazon puts a discount on the item). Please give me good ratings and feedback :)

You can also buy from me in person at conventions. You are always welcome to bring a book you bought online for me to sign and doodle in at conventions.

Returns, Exchange, or any issues with your order please contact Amazon or Createspace directly.

I’m currently working to get my book on Barnes and Nobles, and ebook onto Nook. If I am able to get my books into more stores in the future I will list them here. Price stays the same.



Fanart 2014

This is so adorable! I didn’t see this back in 2008 I don’t remember, but I am definitely seeing this and so awesome to see the improvements in style and anatomy :D  Aww Ice cares so much ^_^