Pandect Patreon

Hi everyone!

I… er… started a Patreon page. I am usually not the type of person who ask for money, but money certainly helps this comic and definitely an encouragement for me.  Due to life, most likely book 2 will be delayed in launching I’ve done a total of 5 pages in 2 months, I’m way behind schedule. there’s a chance book 2 will go on sale after all pages has gone online.  I thought about it as I will not let life stop me from drawing again.

Starting next week I will only be posting page updates on my Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter pages.  I’ll be reserving the sneak peek previews for the Patron only.  The comic will continue to update here so not to worry! If I get a lot of support I will upload more contents including videos and high rez images and PDFs via Patreon.

I’m not asking for much, if you enjoy my comic please consider becoming my Patron ^^;;; every little bit helps!  Thank you!


– Morbidprince