Pandect Book 1 on Sale

Paperback: $15.99 USD
EBook: $7.99 USD


Paperback available from:

*Prices are subjected to change by Amazon without any advanced notice given to me.

EBook available from:

Note: For paperback I do get a bigger cheque if you buy from Createspace directly, but they don’t have sales or that free shipping program like Amazon does. If you are more comfortable with Amazon go for it, I’ll still get paid for the sale (even if Amazon puts a discount on the item). Please give me good ratings and feedback :)

You can also buy from me in person at conventions. You are always welcome to bring a book you bought online for me to sign and doodle in at conventions.

Returns, Exchange, or any issues with your order please contact Amazon or Createspace directly.

I’m currently working to get my book on Barnes and Nobles, and ebook onto Nook. If I am able to get my books into more stores in the future I will list them here. Price stays the same.



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