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Comicgenesis: This is the original Pandect.  It’s black and white, a mess and its my rough draft.
Pandect Forum: Discussions about the this version of Pandect or the rough draft, the latest Fanart/Fanfic, and much more!  Come make some new friends :)

My Recommendations:

By far the most comprehensive list for LGBTQ Webcomics I’ve ever seen.  This is now my go to for discovering new comics to read.  Not to mention they are awesome for linking me :)  Keep up the great work guys!

Beautifully draw Yaoi comic about a musician who summoned a demon and their relationship develops.  It’s 18+ and NSFW.  Definitely worth checking out :)


You guys all know where to find the good online comics, and chances are I read the sames ones you do.  So instead I recommend the following sites:

Free Indeed : Free Indeed is an outreach to all who, regardless of sexual orientation, desire a personal relationship with God
Stop Sleep Paralysis : YoutubeWebsite
Canary Cry Radio : Poscast | Website : Not your typical Christian Radio Podcast, covers multitudes of topics including science, politic and current world events.  Basil and Gonz are extremely entertaining!
LA Marzulli : Blog | Website : Leading expert in Ancient Giants and the Nephilim
Bruce Collins Show : Not your typical Christian Radio host, interviews multitudes of guests covering a varieties of topics such as haunted houses, current world events with focus on God’s Grace.
Know Where To Run : Christian blog by Chris White; best known for his Ancient Aliens Debunkumentaries.
Future Quake : Dr Future and Tom Bionic no longer makes new shows, they are writing a book
NDERF – Near Death Experience Research
X22Report : Video blogs (Secular POV) about current world economic and political status. : See any “strange clouds” lately?  It is not natural to have straight lines running across our skies.  Check out Geo engineering watch to understand what you’re seeing in the sky.
PewDiePie : If you enjoy watching game walk through you will love how this guy does is.  The best and most entertainment guy on youtube.


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