Announcement Feb 2015

Hi everyone,

Just a few things I’d like to tell the world:

1. If you’re going to Anime Next 2015 in New Jersey, I’ll see you there! :)

2. In the printed book, there was an extra page for Nelson and Venus, I’ve included that onto the website, you can see it HERE

3. Pandect will soon be translated into Spanish and I can’t wait to see it! (Even though I don’t speak/understand Spanish).  I put together a package for anyone who would like to translate Pandect, the package includes all comic pages of book 1 with no words (blank bubbles) and the font I use (font only works for languages that use the 26 letter alphabets).  If you would like more information or receive the package send me an email: with what language you’re translating to, and your website.


Thank you and have a wonderful evening! :)