Patreon Catch Up Sept 6

Thank you all for your continue support! You guys are awesome and I appreciate every dollar! :) Sorry for the lack of updates and response, it’s convention season and that means I just realize it’s September already… my mind is still in June and the fall cold hit me like a ton of bricks >_o

I’m all caught up on the updates! Sorry for the huge spam of emails….Also that means I have to get busy and finish more comic pages, still aiming to publish the book by the end of this year… >_<



$5+ Patrons

Pandect Completed Pages: 
Ch 5 – 19 – Stealth Ability 
Ch 5 – 20 = The Sickle Sword
Ch 5 – 21 – Uncle Cleatus
Chapter 6
Ch 6 – 1 – Beef Stir Fry

Fanart Completed:
Madara – Naruto – Complete
Nagisa – Free – Complete
Rin – Free – Complete
Killuah – Hunter x Hunter –  Complete
Link – Legend of Zelda – Completed
Dark Link / Shadow Link – Legend of Zelda – Completed
Kenshin – Completed 

$1+ Patrons

Pandect WIP:
Ch 6 – 1 – WIP 

Fanart WIP:
Kenshin –  WIP
Sailor Saturn – WIP

Patreon Catch Up – June 27

First off I would like to thank everyone for supporting me and especially those who continued to support me! This means so much and greatly encourages me and takes the weight off of paying for hosting and domain!

Due to the wonderful little never sleeping new addition to my family I had to make some large adjustments to art and comic making.  Took me awhile to perfect the new time management but I’m good to go again, back to making more comics!  I played catch up on my Patreon today, total of 14 new posts with comics WIP’s and fanart.  Here they are for easier navigation:


$5 + Patrons

Pandect Comic Completed Pages: (starting from the latest page posted on the official site)
Ch 5 – 16 – Timmy’s Death Wish?
Ch 5 – 17 – End of Double Rocks

Fanart Completed:
Akira – Completed
Spike – Cowboy Bebop
Tuxedo Mask – Complete
L – Death Note – Completed
Light – Death Note – Completed


$1 + Patrons

Pandect Comic WIP:
Ch 5 – Pg 15 – WIP
Ch 5 – Pg 17 – WIP
Ch 5 – Pg 17 – WIP 2
Ch 5 – Pg 17 – WIP 3
Ch 5 – Pg 17 – WIP 4
Ch 5 Pg 18 – WIP

Fanart WIP:
Tuxedo Mask – WIP


Edit: Featured Image: WIP for Ch 5 Pg 13 hi rez available for $1+ Patrons.


Update Schedule, Book 2 & Changes to Patreon – Mar 1, 2016

Hi everyone,

Update Schedule:
This is not really news, but I’ve been updating the comic every other week instead of weekly like before for more than a month now.  So far this is working really well with my current busy schedule.  I haven’t missed or delayed an update which I’m proud of :P

While we’re on the subject of updates… the comic updates this Friday (Mar 4th) ! So check back near the end of the week :)

Most of all thank you all for your understanding and sticking around keeping me company with your feedback!!  I’m guilty of not responding… quickly >_<

Book 2:
Book 2 is predicted to be ready by the Winter of 2016, hopefully sooner.  I might do a kickstarter, will keep everyone updated!

Patreon Changes:
Now I may be lurking and quiet on the main site, I’m certainly not in my Patreon page: Patreon Changes starting Mar 2016

My awesome past and present Patrons, thank you all for supporting me throughout last year!!
I’m happy to announce I have opened all WIP (Pandect, fanart, any other artwork) to my $1+ Patrons.  For the $5+ Patrons, I will be uploading Pandect pages and Fanart as they are completed (no longer need to wait for the site to update).  I am also working on the gift that I plan to start sending out in the Summer.  Thank you again for all your support!

If you enjoy reading Pandect consider helping me out financially, every dollar goes to help with advertising, web hosting and art supplies. :)



Update Delay Alert! Sep 18, 2015 – DONE

Edit: Sep 19, 2015 – New Page up

Hi Everyone, just want to say THANK YOU for all those who sent me wonderful messages, and for all your patience in waiting for the new page!

Sorry to announce once again, due to the amount of time it took me to recover from my illness I’m still running behind on updates.  I’m still not at 100%, but better than last week.  My Dr ordered a blood test for me so hopefully everything comes back okay :/

The image in this post is as far as I got on the page for this week, just inked, still needs to scan and then coloured.  Hopefully I don’t have to delay another week after this, cause it throws off my other schedules and that annoys me.  I do have a plan, if my health doesn’t act up I should be all caught up by this weekend!  And I can finally get to respond to all those who left me messages and comments in the last month XD

Thanks for reading! Please following me on FB/Twitter/Tumblr/Patreon for progress and update announcements!


Announcements and Late Update Alert! Sep 11, 2015 – DONE

Edit: Sep 13, 2015 – New Page Up!

First off, thank you EVERYONE who visited me at Fan Expo!  I had a blast! And I will try my best to get book 2 finished next year!

Sorry to announce that update for this week (Sept 11, 2015) will be delayed, I’ve been very sick and spent the last week in bed.  I should be able to get working on it by the end of this week, hopefully finish it by this weekend!

But if you do want to get sneak previews of the page I’m working on, feel free to head over to Pandect’s Facebook/tumblr/twitter or Patreon.

And this also means I haven’t replied to anyone who has sent me wonderful emails/DA notes/etc in the last few weeks, I am slowly getting back to them! Thank you for your patience!