Update Delay Alert! Sep 18, 2015 – DONE

Edit: Sep 19, 2015 – New Page up

Hi Everyone, just want to say THANK YOU for all those who sent me wonderful messages, and for all your patience in waiting for the new page!

Sorry to announce once again, due to the amount of time it took me to recover from my illness I’m still running behind on updates.  I’m still not at 100%, but better than last week.  My Dr ordered a blood test for me so hopefully everything comes back okay :/

The image in this post is as far as I got on the page for this week, just inked, still needs to scan and then coloured.  Hopefully I don’t have to delay another week after this, cause it throws off my other schedules and that annoys me.  I do have a plan, if my health doesn’t act up I should be all caught up by this weekend!  And I can finally get to respond to all those who left me messages and comments in the last month XD

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  • Shiro-Kuroi Minamoto

    Feel better soon!!!

  • Onyx

    Ah, I’m sorry to hear that! I hope everything is alright and you get better. :3 it’s great that you’re doing all of this but don’t overwork yourself! >.<

  • Subaru

    Deae lawd this handsome portrait will do 💗