Update Schedule, Book 2 & Changes to Patreon – Mar 1, 2016

Hi everyone,

Update Schedule:
This is not really news, but I’ve been updating the comic every other week instead of weekly like before for more than a month now.  So far this is working really well with my current busy schedule.  I haven’t missed or delayed an update which I’m proud of :P

While we’re on the subject of updates… the comic updates this Friday (Mar 4th) ! So check back near the end of the week :)

Most of all thank you all for your understanding and sticking around keeping me company with your feedback!!  I’m guilty of not responding… quickly >_<

Book 2:
Book 2 is predicted to be ready by the Winter of 2016, hopefully sooner.  I might do a kickstarter, will keep everyone updated!

Patreon Changes:
Now I may be lurking and quiet on the main site, I’m certainly not in my Patreon page: Patreon Changes starting Mar 2016

My awesome past and present Patrons, thank you all for supporting me throughout last year!!
I’m happy to announce I have opened all WIP (Pandect, fanart, any other artwork) to my $1+ Patrons.  For the $5+ Patrons, I will be uploading Pandect pages and Fanart as they are completed (no longer need to wait for the site to update).  I am also working on the gift that I plan to start sending out in the Summer.  Thank you again for all your support!

If you enjoy reading Pandect consider helping me out financially, every dollar goes to help with advertising, web hosting and art supplies. :)