Announcements and Late Update Alert! Sep 11, 2015 – DONE

Edit: Sep 13, 2015 – New Page Up!

First off, thank you EVERYONE who visited me at Fan Expo!  I had a blast! And I will try my best to get book 2 finished next year!

Sorry to announce that update for this week (Sept 11, 2015) will be delayed, I’ve been very sick and spent the last week in bed.  I should be able to get working on it by the end of this week, hopefully finish it by this weekend!

But if you do want to get sneak previews of the page I’m working on, feel free to head over to Pandect’s Facebook/tumblr/twitter or Patreon.

And this also means I haven’t replied to anyone who has sent me wonderful emails/DA notes/etc in the last few weeks, I am slowly getting back to them! Thank you for your patience!

  • Brannen

    That’s quite alright. Take your time. Everyone gets sick. And if it takes a little more time, that’s fine. I voted finished but late. Get well soon. Don’t rush it. If you need to take more time go right ahead. Thank you for the update.