Ch 6 – 5 – I Didn’t See You

FINALLY FINISHED!!! I’m back at work and actually have MORE time to work on Pandect than I did at home with the baby.  LOL didn’t see that coming!

Even though I haven’t updated in so long, I notice my page views are steadily climbing up, I don’t deserve this!  Thank you all so very very much for your patience and most of all your support  <3

Uh oh are those fighting words from Cleatus? I feel adding that i didn’t really expand on Fleance’s school experience in the original rough draft, so i added this scene.  Hope I excute this right!

I guess the silver lining, I got to re-read what I wrote originally for book 2 and felt it was lacking, went back and made some edits that I believe develops the characters more.

Thank you for reading :)


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  • randomlyawesome

    Bad cleatus! Slightly childish :) so happy this is back being updated, I check every week! Will have to have a re-read and see these changes you’ve done :) hope you and baby are ok

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you for keeping me in mind! Means so much to hear that and also very encouraging :3 Everything is okay here thank God no crazy illness since beginning of the year XD

  • Kit the Coyote

    Loved Edgar’s “Gek!”

  • Keys2tkingdom

    After playing Persona 5 -and knowing the what Cleatus is planning – I can only have one response to Cleatus’ actions here.

    • Morbidprince


  • Ocearen

    Woot! Happy to see you have returned! How’s motherhood been treating you?

    • Morbidprince

      Motherhood has been awesome!! Just not the flu season D: Sick Sick Sick and constantly Sick. Hows yourself?

  • TwilightDreamer

    Welcome back!! :D
    Oh dear…Not at all sure how Fleance will react, but please be careful prince :(

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you!! Indeed!! Poor guy has no idea what’s happening

  • cris-beta

    hey welcomewelcome!!!

    • Morbidprince

      thank you!!! Sorry for the late reply >_<

  • Rio Kiezono 28

    I hope this comic updates soon It’s amazing.
    Edgar is my favourite character he is so cute.

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you for reading!! Working on the new page as we speak! Should be out by next week! I always announce page updates on my Facebook, if you haven’t follow me there :)