Ch 6 – 4 – Where Should We Sit?

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Finally… FINALLY I completed this page! Way WAAAAY behind schedule… @w@ thank you so much for waiting for me so ever patiently and the continued support from my readers and Patrons. I really really appreciate it :)
This one page took me more than 3 months!!! 3 MONTHS!!! Unreal! I’ve never spent so long on a page! Guess that’s what happens when life takes a shot at you, it got a little hard to stay positive after a while. 
So what happened? After many nights of bare getting sleep cause that’s the norm for all new parents, I had a very bad case of food poisoning, ended up riding in the back of an ambulance. I was so out of it I was telling the paramedics to turn the bed around cause I get motion sickness and i’d throw up. They looked at me like really lady, you haven’t been doing that all night?
The rest is slightly uneventful and blurry, except i remember the doctor saying quite a few people got admitted to the hospital with the exact symptom. I had a really good night sleep that night in the hospital (probably due to all that drug), the best sleep since 3rd trimester lol).
After I came home everyone in my family took turn being very sick, then I caught whatever they had, its a vicious cycle.
Hope you’re all healthy this year’s flu has been exceptionally nasty with a hint of Sinus Infection. Thanks for reading.
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  • Brian Kim

    Great to see your work.

  • Ocearen

    -tackles- So glad to see you back! 83 Vitamin C is your friend in this crazy wintry sickness mess! I think I finally caught my nicknamesake this season and was down for a couple weeks with a slow recovery time. Bleh. @__x;;

    Side note* Mooch now devours weanling size rodents, hates if anything touches his tail (like flip out in his cage and maybe take a bite at whatever touched him), and is super skittish with sudden movements and backs away to hide when his cage is approached. He and a dozen other snakes watched me clean tanks and put new bedding in over the span of a few weeks. I’m moving and am going to miss his little black mouth, but happy to know I got the chance to name him Mooch the Eastern Green Mamba. ^_~

  • Keys2tkingdom

    -appears- OMG! You’re back!

    Welcome back! And with an exquisitely detailed crowd shot! C’est magnifique!

    Who is that shadow stalking the hero? Are we going to see a an Ace-casted rendition of “Be Our Guest”? Can you tell I’m excited about the live-action “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast” next month?

    • Sanu Wolff

      Yes, your pic of the page sums this up nicely XD

  • Jay

    I just reread everyone from Chapter 2. I forgot about the change regarding Edgar’s lips! Originally, he was really afraid of kissing due to his poison lips.
    Everything about this is like the draft version, but supercharged! I just adore it _< ) and your work is fan-freaking-tastic!