Ch 4 – 45 – I’m Starving Human

Poor Rose, it also might be that your pet snake is not human!

In case the page where Rose was talking about her personal life with Caesar is too far away, you can find it here.

Sorry I ended the yaoi, that only makes more tension right??? RIGHT??? There’s this plot thing I have to get out of the way first, sorry XD

Anyways I’ve been very sleepy for my 2nd trimester, how I survived finishing this page was thanks to this song, I know I was in THAT part of youtube again.. but seriously this is like the most entertaining song ever, totally felt like I was trippin’.  I listened to it at least a million times, terrorizing my husband, but a Pandect page got finished :D

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  • Keys2tkingdom

    Option 2 it was then!

    But don’t those feeder mice look a bit too much like Edgar… ._.

  • Shiro-Kuroi Minamoto

    Unresolved sexual tension between Noah and Edgar

  • Autumn Fawn

    I love the growth I’ve seen in your work from the beginning of this comic to now, in art style. You give every character a background story and a personality to fit. I hope that you will advance and grow to make more people love your style and become greater as a writer, artist, and much more. Your comics bring a smile to my face and make me wish I could have the items needed to do even a portion of what you have shown us. Thank you for having this passion and thank you for always thinking of your readers opinions.

    • Morbidprince

      Comments like this makes my day! Thank you so much! I’m happy to know I’ve improved I always worry that I’ve somehow went stagnant and then regression. Thank you for enjoying my work! I really enjoy creating it and sharing it with the world! It reminds me not to waste time and life away having done something. Gosh I’m rambling again sorry >_<

  • yes “simple”

    • Morbidprince

      Lol! If she walked in 5 min earlier…

  • . . . Gods are the mice people too?! HOW DO PEOPLE EAT MEAT IN THIS WORLD?!?!?!?!?!? OoO

    • Only some of them are. Presumably they would scream “wait! don’t eat me!” just like Edgar did. If all they do is squeak, we can presume they’re food… I mean Noah can (¬_¬)

      • TheOneWithTheBook

        Anyone ever read The Amasing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett? The main characters are a bunch of intelligent rats and a con artist alley cat, and what you just described is one of the plot points of the book, along with what happens if you get that wrong…

        • Sounds interesting! I believe it is a main plot point of this comic as well. Maybe not the “what if this animal was actually an ace” question, but the “what if this human was actually an ace” question definitely has important consequences. (Aces being the animals who have souls and can turn into humans.)

          • Morbidprince

            I want to read that now lol!

            And a lot of humans act more like animals D:

  • TwilightDreamer

    Oh no!! Please not a live mouse!! :'( Now I’m going to cry….
    But have to say, I love the designs for both Noahs human AND animal forms :) you’ve really done great on designing him.

    • Keys2tkingdom

      Well that what’s you feed snakes live mice. Snakes, like all wild carnivores, prefer live prey – although they don’t turn down fresher carrion. So to make the kept snakes happiest, snake owners, feed their pets feeder mice (otherwise known as fancy or hobby mice).

      However, the feeder mice that Rose is holding seem to be older than when Feeder mice are usually given to be eaten – the normal time frame to be used for food is up to three weeks after birth. This could be for several reasons – but my money is that since Noah is one of larger species of venomous snakes, he needs bigger prey rather than a newborn.

      I have a friend who keeps a king snake (she’s a little over 2 feet long atm) and I’ve helped care for a garter snake in middle school (they were only about 18 inches at the time), so I’m well acquainted with the proper feeding and caring for constrictors. Although it maybe different for venomous snakes, I can’t see it being too different.

      • TwilightDreamer

        I know, I understand it’s for the best interest of the snake….lol, but I used to own pet mice, so just for me personally, the thought it a little hard :) but I know…that’s how nature goes.

      • Peithia

        I will mention that I have 19 snakes. All of them eat live feeder mice and rats depending. Some of them do need very large feeder mice. Also Corn snakes, King Snakes, Milk Snakes, etc. So all snakes in the Colubride family can see color and have amazing eye sight. I also have a few boa’s and pythons who have no problems with jumbo and large size rats. So I do want to correct you that snakes are not blind and are not unintelligible. Snakes are actually extremely smart if you watch them.

        • Keys2tkingdom

          Sorry, I didn’t mean snakes are blind in the literal sense. I meant that snakes have notoriously poor eyesight. And I apparently made a typo too. I meant that they are relatively unintelligent compared to other animals, not unintelligible. But since Noah is an Ace, his intelligence is at least as high as an adult human’s even while in his animal form. Although I don’t know if Noah’s vision is any better than a normal snake’s, I wouldn’t surprise me one bit if an Ace’s animal form had enhanced senses beyond a normal animal of the same species.

          And I’m going off my personal experiences with not feeding live prey to pet snakes. My friend fed his previous kingsnake, Silas, live prey until one day he deposited the usual feeder rat and we left to do raid night. But after we came back from playing, we found both the rat and Silas dead in the terrarium. A vet examined both bodies and determined from the injuries of both animals that what most likely happened was Silas didn’t have a firm enough grip on the rat, which probably then escaped and with the last of its strength bit Silas as the base of his skull. Both died due to their injuries. The vet explained that what happened is not an uncommon occurrence – especially if the snake isn’t in a place in its terrarium were it could dodge properly. So it is safer for the snakes to be fed dead feeder mice.

          Needless to say, since then my friend has only ever fed Martini and Parcheesi (that’s his new kingnake and his gopher snake, respectively, btw) dead feeder mice.

          • Peithia

            Your friend also made the mistake of leaving the snake alone with a rat or mouse depending. You should never do that ever for the snakes safety. I only feed one of mine stunned rats and that’s because she’s just to much of a handful to get out of her cage her name is Aphrodite who is a 7ft Jungle carpet Python. I actually never feed in cage everything is done in feed boxes as that stops them from associating their cage with food.

          • Morbidprince

            This thread turned out to be one of the most interesting to read! Thanks for sharing your knowledge Peithia! I’ve never kept snakes myself since I’m not around enough to care for them properly.
            Sorry about your friends snakes Keys! I guess we all make mistakes when it comes to keeping pets at least once but the most important thing is that you don’t repeat right?
            And I’m loving the names he gave his snakes! Especially Martini! That is sexy on so many level haha!
            For sure some of the animal ability and human ability transfers slightly but not that much. Since rattlesnakes are not known for their eyesight Noah wouldn’t really see much better as a snake. The anatomy is too different. But good observation as always :D

  • coco day
    coco coco day
    damn you for doing this to me

    • Morbidprince

      You’re welcome >:D

    • SiennaS

      *hums song all day*

  • Sanu Wolff

    omg those little red eyes…..I feel so sad for them. They are about to be chow! Oh well the circle of life!

  • Subaru

    Little does she know about the “mating ritual” that she would’ve walked in on x) .

  • Noah (slinks over to the mouse): “What pretty eyes you’ve got…”

  • SiennaS

    Omg I haven’t heard that song in a while! I almost forgot about it! lol. I can see how that kept you from sleeping through working on the webcomic. Poor hubby :( (I’m chuckling all through this though). And I feel for Rose – family members say “they mean well” but that’s not how it comes across

    • Morbidprince

      Haha glad to bring that back for you! Yeah I agree with family… Some of my cousins are not married or daring and I wish the family leave them alone about it. And once you are married the non stop chant for you to have a baby. I’m glad I found my soulmate but that’s something that doesn’t happen to everyone. Never rush into anything better single than end up with someone you regret!

  • Kimmy Chii

    simpler she says..

    the song idk what to say..

    • Morbidprince

      if she only knew… XD
      Listen to it for a day you will not be able to talk… D:

  • Inuhime

    On the subject off that song may I ask what the heck?? Oo’ LOL I thought i’d seen all the weird ones, how the heck did that one escape my notice. All I want to do now is torture my office workers with it. XD”””

    • Morbidprince

      hahaha DO IT!!!! That’s what co-workers are for >:D

  • irawrthesquid

    aww the tiny mice look so sad xC well they are going to be eaten after all but still :c

    • Morbidprince

      Don’t worry one of them will be okay!! I think….

  • Maria Knight

    DUUUDE lol that song!!!

    • Morbidprince

      now you have to listen to it 10 more times >:)

      • Maria Knight

        Lollol I hear it in my head!

        • Morbidprince

          Hahaha you’re welcome XD