Ch 4 – 4 – Eastern, Western Diamondback

For those who has read the rough draft, you may have realized Miss Rose is a lot less special.  Her subplot have mainly been purged as it’s not necessary and does not add to the main plot.  Instead I added more insight to her personal life, you will see in the later pages.

Hope you enjoy all the changes! Book 2 will be quite different from the rough draft.  If you don’t remember the rough draft or if you haven’t read it… that’s okay!

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  • Jay

    Rose may not be as special, but I still like her personality and I can’t wait to see more of her personal life in the future!

    Poor Edgar is intimidated and Fleance has no idea why :[ or does he?
    Does Fleance know here that the Western Diamondback he is staring at is an Ace? Can they tell through thick glass?
    I still love Cherokee’s stupid head there. He’s still a baby and yet he’s incredibly tall and his hair. Just want to smoosh him!
    BTW~! Hello, Dina, from Paris!

    • If this follows the draft comic, this particular snake is pretty good at hiding the fact he’s an ace from people, and Fleance doesn’t know :) I shall say no more!

      • Jay

        Gosh, I remember that!
        I need to go back and read the draft from the beginning again. I’d only read the later pages of the draft again.

  • Onyx

    Edgar nuuuuuuuuuu! Get away from him you- you snake! Oh wait . . . that doesn’t really work here.
    Gah >.< I want to see a full view of his human form so badly . . .

    • LukaTisus

      > 3> ..*hissu*

      You shall change your tune shortly lol

    • DinkyPuff

      Patience yon grasshopper. You shall see Noah’s magnificence soon…

  • DinkyPuff

    I like how Noah raised his tail up RIGHT as she was talking about the differences. Not so special indeed!

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww, Edgar…..I know it’s kinda mean to think, but I can’t help find it cute how he scurries down Fleance’s collar like that ^^
    Cool, I hadn’t known that about their tails…lol, love the bits and pieces of info you put into this story like that :D

  • Aw man I was always hoping there was some kind of underlying creepy reveal that would explain Miss Rose’s superpowers! :(
    I’m enjoying not seeing Edgar’s thoughts in this seen- I like it better in terms of storytelling :) Very excite to see how Edgar/Noah is done in the new comic.