Ch 4 – 3 – Pit Viper

What are you going to do Edgar?  Lucky for Edgar, the big bad snake is behind a solid wall of glass with a computer projection.

Rose only briefly covered some information about Rattlesnake.  If you’re interested in more in depth information regarding Rattlesnakes, I recommend this page: Rattlesnakes, it’s a light read but informative compared to a lot of the books and websites I’ve read.

Are you afraid of snakes?
  • 14.22% - ( 59 votes )
  • 39.76% - ( 165 votes )
  • 35.18% - ( 146 votes )
  • 10.84% - ( 45 votes )

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  • Sanu Wolff

    >.> <.< *yips for first post* I am technically afraid of venomous snakes but only when I am within biting range. But yeah Edgar's eyes are so big I swear he looks like me when I see a spider or a puppy *My faces of terror and joy are strikingly similar until you hear my voice*

    • Keys2tkingdom

      You too?

  • LukaTisus

    Not afraid of any snake. Venomous serpents will only bite if they feel threatened. Don’t threaten them and they won’t hurt you, just maintain caution while walking through an area that’s got known venomous snakes. Have a walking stick, high-ankle leather boots, keep an eye on the edge of the trail, especially in open sunny spots early in the morning because that’s where they’ll likely be basking.

    Middle of the day, they’re far more likely to sense your approach and slither away without you ever being aware of their presence. It’s in the mornings when their bodies are cold and they can’t move as fast that they’re more likely to be on the defensive.

  • TwilightDreamer

    Aww, Edgar, never seen him look like that, wanna hug the poor little guy :(
    In saying that, really nice work on the rattlesnake itself.
    I am scared of venomous snakes, not really non venomous…I find small pythons kind of cute actually, but I’d still be wary around them….with or without venom, they can still bite.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Venomous snakes scare the **** out of me. That said, I’ve handled a 30 lb Python before and that was one of the most interesting things I’ve ever done.

    Don’t worry Edar, Noah doesn’t want you inside him (although you still may end up inside him at one point) – Noah would much rather be inside you :P

  • DinkyPuff

    My dad used to catch any snake bare handed as a kid. Once he captured one and stuffed it in a cigar box only to have his mother find it while doing laundry and when I was a teen even brought home a copperhead from work to leave in our backyard (we lived in the boonies, snake lived in Dallas).
    But seriously, I hate snakes. They’re creepy. Gimme a Edgar any day

    • ShyLilac

      Aww it’s adorable!!!

    • Sanu Wolff

      I catch those little guys all the time to save them from my dogs, >.> <.<, and my grandma She's killed them in front of me because I was 'too slow' for her.

  • Inuhime

    I think that snake is gorgeous though. Sure he looks like he wants to eat everyone he’s watching but he’s still gorgeous. That being said I wouldn’t wanna meet him outside that glass though. XD”

  • Ocearen

    Ahaha. Its been drilled into me to correct this, but Noah and the majority of other venomous snakes are not poisonous. Poison is ingested and venom is injected. Therefore, as long as you have no cuts in your digestive tract, you can physically drink venom. If I remember right, there is a snake or two that really are poisonous due to their diet of eating other poisonous critters.

  • Jay

    I wish I could comment on everything about the last two pages, but I just keep getting sucked in by Noah’s eyes.
    My goodness, they’re glorious.