Ch 4 – 5 – Serpents Should Be Locked Up

This page was not in the rough draft, as the rough draft the terrarium was just a simple lizard tank you can get at pet stores.  Regardless Fleance’s feeling about snakes didn’t change, and I wanted to emphasize that in this version.

is Fleance too cold?
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  • TwilightDreamer

    Oooh! Fleance! D:
    New information!! Poor guy, I have to admit, I hadn’t even put any thought into his parents before…
    I don’t really think he’s too cold, but at the same time I don’t really want to tarbrush all serpents that way…

    • Sanu Wolff

      I agree but it seems to be more of the classic son who knows of his parent’s murder then fears or hates the cause of said murder sometimes pinning it with the known race of the murderer if the actual murderer is either a) unknown b) known but hidden or c) already incarcerated yet the victim feels that the culprit didn’t suffer enough *seen to many movies*

      • TwilightDreamer

        lol, don’t worry, I’ve seen too many movies to…I know of all those plot twists :P
        I reckon he’ll get the chance to work together with a snake at some point…whether he likes it or not :P

    • Keys2tkingdom

      Agreeing with you on this. While Fleance personality is a bit chilly, I would call Fleance interactions and demeanor in the Final Draft more “Stiff” and/or “Jaded”, but I don’t think he’s gotten too close to “Ice King”.

      And with this new info we can infer that Fleance has a personal reason to hate Snake Aces – which in the Rough Draft seemed to me to be more of an inherited/ learned prejudice from the previous Black Prince.

      Regardless, I imagine not all Snake Aces are Snake Supremacists – I’d even go as far as to imagine some Snake Aces are outright blackmailed or force to follow Caligari if they didn’t agree with his views – so hopefully Fleance will eventually realize that (sorry for give the lengthy lyrics quote from “Into the Woods”):

      “People make mistakes.
      Fathers, mothers.
      People make mistakes,
      Holding to their own,
      Thinking they’re alone.

      Honor their mistakes
      Everybody makes
      Fight for their mistakes
      One another’s terrible mistakes.

      Witches can be right,
      Giants can be good.
      You decide what’s right
      You decide what’s good

      Just remember:
      Someone is on your side
      Someone else is not
      While we’re seeing our side
      Maybe we forgot:
      They are not alone.
      No one is alone.”

      And realize that some Snake Aces could be on his side and not all not all Mammal Aces are on his side; as well as that his actions are just helping to fuel a cycle of revenge.

      • TwilightDreamer

        Yeah, I think it’s just a case of he’s not really a “People person”, so to speak…but I mean, looking at his concern for Theo/Venus (although he didn’t do such a great job at showing it ;P), his patience with Cherokee, and of course the conversation with Ice about humans…
        …He’s hurting, angry, and yet has to keep up this appearance of “The Black Prince”…I’m sure it’s true not all snakes are bad, and I hope he gets the chance to see that…

  • Onyx

    I wouldn’t say that Fleance is too cold, it just part of his personality and he’s been like this for a while. Although I do wish that we would get some more reactions out of him, but I have no problems with the way he is now.

  • Lunisa Heart

    Its hard to be “nice” to people when you’ve been through so much and Fleance has been through so much in his lifetime. I think the day he looses Edgar is the day he completely breaks :( lets hope that never happens.

  • kymyit

    Poor baby Q^Q

  • Eek! I am so excited for this scene.