Ch 4 – 24 – Peace Out

Don’t think Fleance understands what Peace Out mean.  Oh man that phrase is so 1999.

Poor Edgar, how did you and your tiny gecko body cover so much ground?  Maybe you should change into your Human/Ace form for efficiency’s sake.

In case you forgot, Edgar left to search for his missing Journal.


I’ve been soooo sick, I don’t know what kind of flu from hell came upon me.  If I’ve responded to anyone in the last week and I don’t really make sense… sorry just bare with me XD

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  • Motoko Coeman

    I love Fleance!

    • Morbidprince

      THanks!! X3

  • LukaTisus


    • LukaTisus



      • Morbidprince

        And in color!!!
        You’re the cutest Luka

  • natta0202

    I love Fleance’s face on Ice’s “peace out”. He’s all like “the heck did you just say?” XDDDD
    Be careful Edgar, watch out for mister snake

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Busy, busy, busy… I finally got through the pile of projects I had to do – and just in time to see my favorite pairing’s big meeting!

    And Dina, while I do want to show you the review I did, I’m not sure how to send it to you – or if I should post here in the comments.

  • — “In case you forgot, Edgar left to search for his missing Journal.”
    It is not possible to forget this fact. This is because noahnoahnoahnoahnoahnoahnoah.

  • Subaru

    Im pretty sure im not the only one who said “Don’t go in there !!”at the last panel x)

  • Lyuna Whitebreak

    I wish Fleance were real….

  • I wish Ice were real…

  • Onyx

    I wish both of them were real . . . oh Edgar, I really do hope he changed into his human form for part of the search, this sort of reminds me when I’m packing for a trip or coming back from a trip. You’re just thinking ‘I swear I know where this is, I know what it looks like, I’ved looked everwhere else, COME ON WHERE IS IT?!?!”
    But Fleance, you look so . . . in this page . . . you just- you just put the cherry on top of the sundae pretty much. I mean your face for this entire page :D Yup . . . it’s great to be back
    Hope you get better, don’t stress yourself out :3

    • LukaTisus

      Y’all are gonna know who I wish was real VERY soon. 8D

  • TwilightDreamer

    Now now Fleance, don’t get defensive….lol, though so like Ice to take it so casually :P