Ch 4 – 15 – I’d Rather Be Alone

Rose is living the dream!

What is your philosophy on finding love?  Or are you’ve already found it? Would you worry if you were Rose?
Share your thoughts below :)

As Caesar slowly settles into his dorm he starts to leave clutter everywhere.  Not sure if you’ve noticed, but the room was a lot cleaner.

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  • Jay

    Philosophy on finding love…hmm…well, I’ve only been in love once and he and I were both too worried about not being good enough for each other that we never said anything. He got married and has an adorable daughter (my designated niece) and I traveled the world. We started out as, and remain, best friends.
    I think if it’s going to happen, it’ll happen. But I’m kind of like Rose in that I’m happy with who I am and being by myself. I find joy in my work, hobbies, friends, and family.
    We are strong, independent women, Rose! Let’s go kick life in the butt together! (ie. I’m not worried about Rose at all ;] )

  • TwilightDreamer

    Love Roses dress, really suits her :)
    I admit I didn’t see the clutter until you mentioned it, but yeah, I see it now.
    Hmm….not sure if I really have a philosophy on finding love….I think love finds its own way, just as many other parts of life do…sure it doesn’t hurt to go looking a little, but really, I think it’ll come when it’s ready to.

    • Keys2tkingdom

      Not going to link it, but here’s three lines:

      “I would rather wear a barrel
      Than conservative apparel
      For a dress has always been my wrongest suit!”
      -From ‘My Strongest Suit’, from Tim Rice and Elton John’s “Aida”

  • natta0202

    Love is fine I guess, but I’m like Rose. I’m fine with how I am individually. (Just need to try and hang out with friends more and become basically just become more social ^^’) If I ever find the one I love, then I do. I don’t chase love.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Oh, so Caesar is like me then – clutter just happens in his living space.

    And Rose really looks good for her age. Her dresses Remind me of Amneris from the Tim Rice and Elton John musical Aida (Google or Youtube “aida my strongest suit” to see what I’m talking about.)

    By the by, If Rose is 33, does that mean Caesar is between 18 and 20? I don’t remember if it was ever directly stated all I remember is that he’s older than 14 (because that’s when the Fudanshi possessed/ inhabited/ latched-on/ whatever to Caesar).

  • Onyx

    Daww . . family concern always gets me. I love Rose’s outfit by the by, it really suits her and the atmosphere, but Caesar, really? Clean up man! I can’t believe that you share that room with the Prince *shakes head disappointedly* disgraceful, filthy, unsanitary! (:P Just kidding, I’m the same way). But wait- what is that I hear? Over $300 K and doing what you love? If only . . . I love their relationship with one another (Caesar and Rose), I think it’s really sweet, like how I would like to interact with my siblings.

    As for my philosophy on love . . . well I’m not really into that stuff. Never have been :P As I am still in school I don’t believe I should be acting on passing hormones and that if I’m meant to be with somebody it will end up like so. I’m fine with waiting- but it’s not easy as it sounds. I mean I still feel kinda bad when I think back on it, but it’s not my top concern at the moment. As for Rose, if she’s not worried ’bout it then don’t push her. If she’s perfectly content with her life as it is then leave her be. When she feels like looking for somebody I’m sure she’ll find her match. She’s nice, kind, and intelligent- she’ll be fine :3

  • Sam

    Philosophy on love? Eventually it’ll happen, if not then screw it dying alone isn’t alone if you have friends :)

  • Philosophy on love? Avoid romantic love at all costs

  • Sienna Smith

    I’m closer to Rose’s age so I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs and wasting time in meaningless relationships just because I was bowing to pressure “well meaning” family members (like Rose’s grandma) kept putting on me. I’m gray-asexual so dating has never been a big priority for me, I just made it one to fit in and appease constantly nagging family members. Then, for whatever reason, when I hit 30 I said “eff it” and started opting to do what I want and focus on that.

    Philosophy on life/love/everything: Do what you want.
    Well, if it’s legal. Don’t steal some twix from the 7eleven and blame it on me.