Ch 4 – 13 – Wash the Dog

Yeeeeah that was pretty much the same thing when you try to wash a dog that just hates bath.

Although Ice doesn’t hate bath… this is more like my cat (back when I wasn’t allergic and had a cat), almost lost an arm or an eye trying to give my cat a bath.

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  • Tekila

    Wow I feel perverted enough to say I WANNA SEE ALL OF EM and yaaay first comment

  • Nuh *confused sounds* and then OH MY GOD

  • nekomercury7

    I’ve been waiting to see this page in color since the old days of pandect on comicgenesis. It didn’t disappoint. :D

  • natta0202

    Poor Ice XDDD

  • Motoko Coeman


  • KiannaLeigh

    OMG, Icie-baby! There is so much bishounen in that last panel. He looks like … like … o_0 well I read too many smut fics don’t I?

    Anyway, good job on the page darling.

  • Yep, my pups are just like Ice…good luck keeping them in the shower!

  • CraftWolf

    So adowable :3

  • Onyx

    I . . . that last panel . . . the sparkles aren’t helping XD

  • Sanu Wolff

    o//////o …..squeee! *faints*

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Oh dear… Anastasia HAETS baths. I have to wear Denim clothes when I bathe her…

  • PrinceNolan