Ch 4 – 12 – Rain Panel Shower Head

I first saw this installed in my cousin’s house.  I had to feature it XD
If I ever get the chance to design my own bathroom I would definitely feature the Rain Panel Shower, maybe with bamboo certamic tiles with pebble floor? Kind of like the one in the comic… except the tiles look like bamboos made of ceramic?

I’m a fan of Kohler bathroom designs XD

And I just realized how old I must have sounded there… oogling over bathroom tiles… SERIOUSLY?

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  • Magdalena Mota

    I never would think I would oogle over a shower like a gleeful kid, that shower is a beautiful shower XD

  • natta0202

    It’s rare seeing “felines” like water, but I guess it’s because they have a soul and isn’t just animals.
    I would like to have one of these showers at home, and these guys are just so awesome XD

  • KiannaLeigh

    You didn’t sound old. I’ve been dreaming of a beautiful walk in shower with a glass door and ceramic tiles and overhead shower head and in shower iPod holder since I was like 14. Seriously I need that sh!t. Can I jump into your comic and use their shower?

  • Onyx

    Dawww, they’re keep you young! :3
    The cubs are so CUTE!!!!! Ice is just the perfect motherly figure at this moment, so much adorwable-ness!!!!
    Totally with you with the shower stuff, been dreaming about it since I got stuck in a fancy hotel because the sister hotels were booked, best mistake ever. ;)

  • TwilightDreamer

    lol, these two just get cuter and cuter! XD
    I looooove the bathroom design….think I saw one of the rain panel showers when I was on holiday…or atleast something similar :)

  • I was oogling bathroom designs just a few years ago, and I am only 26. The cubs are very cute and seem to be enjoying bath time.

  • Ice’s second thought…cold shower, cold shower, cold shower…

  • Inuhime

    XD’ Ice is being very nice and patient, but considering he is who he is i’m not sure i’d want him watching me in the shower…. Oo’

  • Sanu Wolff

    o////o………>.< So adorable but I wanna glomp them so bad but they're naked omg wai! D:
    A look into the mind of Sanu……

  • My face right now is exactly like Caesar’s on the right.

  • Jay

    I adore rain panel showers and those bamboo ceramic tiles sound awesome.
    It’s not sounding old, it’s sounding AWESOME.

    As an ex-teacher, I agree with you Ice. Kids are EXHAUSTING!