Ch 3 – End of Book

Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not an actual update.  Comic doesn’t update on Wednesdays… but I felt I needed to set a break between book 1 and book 2.  Comic will continue to update on Fridays.

As for this post, most if not everyone know this is the cover for Pandect 1.  I made a post on Facebook earlier but I thought I’d include it here also:

Meaning of the cover of book 1: I got quite a few ( mostly new readers, some were upset ) asking if Ice and Fleance is the main couple if so why don’t the two has any chemistry ( or that I failed in creating any chemistry between the two ). You guys are so cute! Well sorry to disappoint but Ice and Fleance here represents the meeting of wild meets tame. And yes I did this to throw ppl off XD. Most yaoi mangas has the main couple on the cover hinting about the sexual content to come or who are the lovers. This brings me to the cover if book 2, due to popular request the second cover it will be Edgar and Noah. Thank you all who made the suggestion!!

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  • Marissa

    Edgar and Noah cover!!! I’m so excited to see it <3

  • MidnightSunlight

    Omg a Edgar and Noah cover I can’t wait!

  • Daydreamer

    You know, I’m actually kind of disappointed that Fleance and Ice aren’t going to be a couple. I kinda liked that idea because Ice is sexy and definitely one of my favorite characters. LOL, I’m still waiting to see any actual relationships(of the romantic kind) to show up, I don’t count 12 year olds flirting with Ice to be romance. I get the feeling you might set it up to be Fleance and Edgar…which ehhhh, isn’t really appealing to me. I guess because Edgar is…well a reptile who just kinda just sits on Fleance’s shoulder and shoots the occasional bird hahaha. I’m sure you’ll develop the characters out, I guess I just really got my hopes up for Ice/Fleance/Ice because of the cover and when I get my sights set on a particular pairing, I have trouble liking any other pairing with those two characters. I’ll definitely try to stick it out, since it’s hard to find quality comics that update with any sort of schedule. And this comic is definitely quality.

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks for such a thoughtful response Daydreamer! I’m very thrilled to know you’re enjoying this comic! And the characters! Not to worry, the main couples of this story haven’t made their appearance, except for one of them. Also more entertainment and drama to come in book 2! Hope this continues to entertain you!

  • Keys2tkingdom
  • Lyuna Whitebreak

    OMG I am so in love with this cover <3 q .>)

  • Red

    This art was what actually drawn me here…. its breathtaking….

  • Jack Dunn

    Okay. Oh boy.
    I liked the characters in this comic. In most media today, characters are “Manufactured to be likable” where their flaws are toned down. I like these characters BECAUSE of their flaws and that’s hard to pull off. Props to you. I also REALLY like the art! I can see the work in every panel. Just amazing.
    I really LIKED that ending/ cliff hanger more than anything else. I really did. Why? It had a supernatural element to it. Possession/ mind control. That’s cool. Weird. I like weird.

    You made and entire story about the supernatural, and animal people, and put ONE visible supernatural thing about the animal people at the tail end of the first volume (3 chapters and 100+ pages.)
    (I think there was that one scene where he turned into a panther to run away, but he could have done that as a human so meh)

    Furthermore, the whole reason I clicked on this story was for “Science and BoysLove.” But the scientific method was not explain nor even mentioned ONCE, in the entire story, nor does it have any affect on the characters in it. NATURE has a huge affect on them, don’t get me wrong! I’m cool with what’s in it! But Science its the STUDY of the hows and whys of nature. And even if you were to some how make it fit, you focus solely on Ecology, one aspect of Science. Imagine if someone used the word “Philosophy” and only cited Confucius.

    Judging from the comments I’ve seen through out the comic, I see you have secured a Slice of life/ romance audience. And I’m not surprised, you have a fantastic slice of life, and your characters are enduring in a modest way, but it would be nice to see you flaunt what makes your comic really special. I’m sorry if my complaints came off as blunt, but please understand they are intended to be constructive in a critical way.

    Recap: There’s no science, the way Christianity is portrayed is too abrasive for a scientific audience, and the gimmick of the story is more talked about than actually shown.