Ch 4 – 1 – Cold Blooded Roommates

Book 2!!!! Although its still not finished I did do enough pages that will keep updating until May of this year.  When I get to May there would be enough pages to cover until Maybe September? Depending on how busy my schedule ends up being.  If not I will make an announcement via FB/Twitter/Tumblr so go there and Like/Follow me :)


I have a brief tutorial on how the Hog Island Boa is done on my DA, if you’re interested click here.


Edit: My first Patreon goal has been met and no more ads!  Thank you everyone for your kind support, I will be uploading ore content this weekend.  There will be something for every Tier!! :)

Also right now the Update Schedule is in Time Zone: UTC/GMT +8 which is the local time of where Pandect takes place.  I haven’t revealed the location yet but this is just a hint.

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  • Soraya

    Bali! Also this page is beautiful, love all the greenery and love Rose’s dress! ^_^

    • Morbidprince

      Bali is so beautiful!!! And very good guess :D but it’s more north! I will reveal eventually and when it’s important to the plot! For now just some tropical island.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Gorgeous setting Dina.

    I can’t help but think that because of his expression, Fleance is not enjoying this lesson for some reason. I know Fleance has a distaste for Snake Aces, but I didn’t think that extended to normal snakes as well.

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks Keys! Unfortunately Fleance isn’t enjoying his time in human civilization. But snakes are definitely not part of his interest. Hopefully he will slowly warm up to everything

  • LukaTisus




    • Morbidprince

      And this time he comes with an epic tank! Can’t wait to show you!

      • LukaTisus

        > w< OH MAN I can't wait!

        • Keys2tkingdom

          The hype is real.

          • LukaTisus

            Man, I’ve followed this comic since it’s early incarnation.

            Hell, I’ve still got posters of him on my wall. > 3> <3

  • Jay

    Oh my gosh, Dina, congratulations on the Patreon! That’s wicked awesome!
    My guesses for location are Malaysia, mmm…Singapore, and maybeeee…Hong Kong? Any of those correct?
    I can’t remember from the original, did she take the class to a terrarium or did she just have Noah’s enclosure in the classroom?
    I adore Rose’s dress! But is that truly proper teacher attire? Haha.
    The anticipation is killing me, he’s close to being in here, so very close! But I also can’t wait to for the mishaps that follow (kitty bags and all).

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks Jay!!! You got very close with Hong Kong!! But that’s okay just think of some place Tropical and near an ocean that’s pretty much it.
      In the original they brought in Noah and he sits in a tiny little tank. I thought as one of the main characters he feserves a bigger tank. Besides it gives me reason to draw an epic dream terrarium.
      I quite sure that’s not appropriate for teachers. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever had a well dressed teacher? They all look so old fashioned. If you’re a teacher don’t take my fashion advice! XD
      There’s a lot of stuff in book 2 that’s not in the rough draft hope you’ll enjoy the new ride!! Moohaha

      • Jay

        Taiwan?! Ahhh~! Or did you pick one of the teeny islands? >3 This is going to bother me now until I get it right!
        Aha! I remembered correctly. I love the dream terrarium, it’s wonderful.
        I quite like her dress, but when I was teaching, I’m not sure that it would be very helpful to move around.

        I’m positive that I will love Book 2 as much as in the rough draft, probably even more!


    Is it two g’s or one!? CONSISTENCY!

    • Morbidprince

      There’s no Hogg island. There’s only HOGG island boa, also call boa constrictor imperator, or the Colombian boa. They are found in the islands off the coast of Honduras in South America. The misspelling of the name “hog” seems to have came from a mistranslation that has been stuck. I decided to use HOGG instead of HOG because pet stores including some zoos spell “Hogg” with the 2 Gs. But if it bothers you that much I can just click a few buttons and it will go away. EASY

      • ZHODY

        One of them has 2 g’s and one has one g. I don’t hear much of an explanation there.

        • Morbidprince

          I’m following how pet stores label their animals and spell locations based on how maps spell their locations?

          • Angie Ramos

            I’m really glad you included the actual place where they come from. I’m from Honduras and I have been to Cayos cochinos. There is many fauna that only exists there and it’s mostly left alone. So it made me really happy to see something from my country on a story I have been reading for years. :D

        • LukaTisus

          The island itself is referred to as Hog Island. Hogg Island refers to the boa species, itself and is actually used to differentiate pure species, from possible crossed specimens. Some breeders will breed Hogg Islands with something from the mainland to try and get the colorations into the Columbian boas bloodlines.

          • Morbidprince

            Whoa I did not know that! Wait how would you know you got a pure breed? Do you get DNA papers? Since Colombian boas and Hoggs looks so similar. I would probably be one of those sucker that thought I got the pure breed if I ever get a Hogg XD

          • Morbidprince

            I reworded it, Since seeing Hog Island twice didn’t sound too smooth for me. But learned something new every day :D

            This peeked my interest greatly, I did some more research, seems like the original mis-translated name was based off of a guy named Quintin Hogg.

            But the actual name Cayos Cochinos means Island of the Hogs. So it’s not based off of a last name but off of the animal hogs. Regardless, I did asked some of the snake keepers I know they do in fact spell it “Hogg” to emphasize the breed’s purity; that it was descended from the island breed and not the mainland breed. But also during my research I found most credible biology sites use “Hog Island Boa” instead of “Hogg Island Boa” I’ve made the edits. Also I reworded the script. LOL Enjoy making my editor cringe since I haven’t let her go over these new pages. XD

            Thanks for the info and leading me down a path of more knowledge Luka!

  • Ocearen

    I would love tons of space to make giant terrariums DX

    And congrats on Patreon! 8D

    Misc Snake Status: We have a dozen vision cages to get cleaned up and then we’ll be re-remondeling the snake room again. Then I can work on making pretty setups 8D (pending what items we have available to decorate/what wont get in the way of pulling out venomous)

  • PrinceNolan

    It’s so nice to just sit back, relax and enjoy Pandect again <3