Ch 3 – 38 – Timmy Ace of Pangolin

End of book 1.

What’s a Pangolin?

There, I decided to include an explanation on how Timmy and Cleatus met.  In the rough draft version, Timmy is a bush viper.  I wanted to change that up a bit.

The cubs are lucky to have ran into Ice instead of this white hair guy.

See you next week for the first page of book 2 :)

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  • Keys2tkingdom

    I think Titus is summing up our reactions as well as his to Cleatus’ demonstration of his ability quite nicely in that last panel.

    As for what this means for the rest of the story, all I can say is “Well… That’s a game changer.”

    Also, I approve of your changing Timmy to a pangolin as it allows non-snake Aces to approach Fleance without immediately raising a flag. Also, I’m glad of showing Cleatus’ mind- control poisoning(?) ability here. Since – unless I just flat out missed the hints for it – it didn’t show up until Chapter 19.

    • Keys2tkingdom

      Fun Fact From Other Fandoms: The Pangolin is the inspiration of the Pokemon Sandshrew and Sandslash. (And not the armadillo as most people believe.)

      • Morbidprince

        I learned something new! I suspected it was the Pangolin, but since everyone said Armadillo I just backed off since they tend to be the bigger Pokemon fans than me. Where did you find out?

      • LukaTisus

        Lol There’s no way Sandslash looks even remotely like an Armadillo, to me. I totally figured pangolin-based, myself.

        • Keys2tkingdom

          To clarify, I originally thought Sandshrew was based on an armadillo and Sandslash was based on a hedgehog. I never knew about the pangolin until the article linked below.

    • Morbidprince

      You’re right, I didn’t mention what Cleatus’ power was until many chapters after he appeared, but I thought that wasn’t as effective in showing his character. I’m very happy to hear the changes I made are good changes! And thank you for all the awesome feedback I cherish them all X3

  • KiwiZombii

    In my ignorance I always assumed Timmy was a snake in the rough draft.. decided to see what a pangolin looks like… yeah not a snake.

    • Keys2tkingdom

      Timmy was a snake in the rough draft, specifically a bush viper. They’re known for their rough scales that come in a variety of colors and patterns.

      The change to a pangolin was a clever idea on Dina’s part as it allowed for diversity in the antagonists’ camp without having to give a major redesign of a reoccurring character or come up with a new from scratch.

      • Morbidprince

        Thanks Keys! I did realize my rough draft did lack some diversity in the types of animals. What’s more cool than a Pangolin? And more innocent and docile? To those who read the rough draft, you’ll find book 2 being quite different than the rough draft :D

        • LukaTisus


          AM SO EXCITED



    • Morbidprince

      you’re right! I changed it XD

  • Inuhime

    That does not sound good… Oo”’ An army of mind controlled ace gladiators? Oo” Oh boy…

    • Morbidprince

      Wait and see!! :)

  • TwilightDreamer

    awww, end of book one….
    …but YAY!! Beginning of book 2 to look forward to!! :D
    Well done with all your hard work so far, this really is an amazing series :)
    btw, sorry if this review is kind of late…I’m on holiday atm, and especially right now when I’m in Europe, keeping up with the time zone differences is proving very difficult…

    • Morbidprince

      Where are you in Europe?? that’s awesome!! must be so different with the weather and everything! Hope you have a wonderful trip!!!

  • Lyuna Whitebreak

    … awesome as always °(O3O)/° and Titus face at the last panel is like ‘oh god..what the heck did I get myself into?’

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks Lyuna! Spot on! Titus should have second thoughts

  • Jay

    Timmy :[!

    I wonder if Cleatus has any negative effects from the mind control or if there is a limit to how many people he can control. Does he actively control them or is it just a thing he does and then he can order them from that point on?
    I’m too wiggly excited for the next part to come out!

    Hurrah for Book 2 completion!

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks Jay, and you asked very good questions! I will have them answered eventually! Ack I’m barely done half of book 2 T_T this year has gone soooooo busy for me, sucks

      • Jay

        Hey, no worries! I’m not in any rush (only that I’m sorry it took so long to respond)!

        Is it just work stuff that keeps you busy?