Ch 3 – 6 – A Feline Prince

Of course Fleance can sense you, he sensed you back in pg 1 of this chapter.

Any guesses on Cherokee’s animal species?HINT:
– has ‘Canadian’ in its name, from North America
– Feline
– Large paws

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  • Guest

    canadian lynx

  • TwilightDreamer

    Cherokee is so cute! I really love the design you gave him, it’s so nicely detailed.
    Quite nice eyes to ;)

  • Inuhime

    I wonder if the two feline aces will be friends… Oo”’ Fleance may have sensed him but he doesn’t seem very interested…

  • Keys2tkingdom

    It are pages like the last few that show how much things can improve from an earlier draft:
    1. The panel layout has improved dramatically due to one page being spread out through multiple pages. This also resulted in improved detail and better pacing
    2. Thanks to being rendered via computer, more emphasis can be expressed on various focal points and lighting.
    3. And most importantly, Edward got his coloring corrected.

  • NikoKirumi

    I would have to guess that he’s a Canadian Linx

    • Morbidprince

      You are correct! :)

  • EyeDontNo

    Oh, Cherokee; he can indeed sense you… but you are not yet worthy of his interest. Give him a reason to be interested in you-!