Ch 3 – 1 – Feline from Canada

There’s nothing wrong with talking to our pets and believe they understand us and even respond to us :D

Edgar needs to leave a legacy too, but his kind doesn’t exist…
Of course she’s reading a blank screen.

This scene was cut down quite a bit from the original.  Enjoy :)

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  • TwilightDreamer

    Nope, nothing wrong with it at all ^-^ lol, I talk to our dog all the time, and half the time I’m pretty sure he get’s it ;P (he’s still a good listener even if he doesn’t XD)
    Edgar and Fleance are so cute, love their relationship. OOooooo! New student! wahoo! XD
    Uh oh…you know who (or what) is back…;D

  • PrinceNolan

    FIRST COMMENT! Also, Edgar don’t need no woman! Edgar x Black Prince 4 life ;u;

  • BoxOfPenguins

    Yay new chapter!
    I talk to my cat all the time, but he normally just whines for food at me…

  • Keys2tkingdom

    My cat only listens to me if I’m being required to pet her. And Even then I don’t she pays attention >.>

    And look! New challen- I mean characters approach…

  • Haha! I like how he’s casual talking to Edgar and everyone else thinks he’s a freak. XD Same reaction I get when I have a conversation w/my cat. Except, the funny thing is, he actually talks back – well, more like argues. He’s food bowl is always empty after breakfast and dinner. Silly cat.

    • I swear a neighbour’s cat (who always came into our place) was a re-incarnated human. We would always have meowing conversations and head bumps ;)

  • Inuhime

    LOL I talk to my chihuahuas all the time, it’s perfectly normal. The fact that they bark back only reasures me of that fact more. XD” Of course they only bark back if I have food, but that’s irrelevant. LOL

  • Volubleviking

    Yay Cherokee is coming, I can’t wait! He’s the cutest!! I love the new colored pages, it’s so exciting to see Pandect in a new in color light. Wooooh woooooh. I want to order the book, but I don’t really have an address until August, so I shall wait.

  • Charlie

    I’m reall sorry to bother, but where can I find the original version that you’ve mentioned…?