Ch 3 – 21 – Save Her Soul

That’s how Venus got Theo’s body, she had no say in the decision…


And since it’s Halloween Night, and I love a scare as much as anyone else.  Check out the following stories:

Missing 411 Strange Disappearances
A Coast to Coast interview with David Paulides about people that goes missing under extremely mysterious circumstances.  They are not your typical missing people stories, it’s creepy, it’s well researched so check it out.

Dyatlov Pass Incident
The unsolved mysterious death of 9 hikers back in February of 1959.  Who killed these hikers and in such gruesome ways?  Why were some of the bodies radioactive? What really happened? Who did it?  Aliens? Government? Military? Demons? We will never know!  Warning this is super creepy!

Silent Hill Demo Walkthrough by PewDiePie
PewDiePie does the best, THE BEST game walkthroughs.  If you don’t know who he is… where have you been?  Anyway, if you’re into gaming, enjoy his Silent Hill Demo walkthrough.

Russian Furry Road Rage
Video is in Russian, but you do not need to know what they’re saying to understand what’s happening.  This video is EPIC.  Getting beat up by furries… poor guy he looked so confused.  For you to watch if you need a laugh after watching creepy things and think road rage videos are funny when they’re not happening to me.


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  • TwilightDreamer

    poor Theo, such a loving brother….I feel sorry for both of them :(

    • Sanu Wolff

      Alas, the love of a brother willing to give it all up in hopes of at least giving his sister a chance to live and not die as a way to try and give her a chance to move on without being able to properly mourn her child’s ill fated death.

      • TwilightDreamer

        It may not have been the best move…not sure, but it was all he could do at the time to save his sister….

        • Sanu Wolff

          Indeed, he was more than likely thinking in a tight situation and jumped to what seemed to be the only decision….

          • Morbidprince

            I’m loving the discussion. Would you guys say Theo’s is being selfish or selfless?

          • TwilightDreamer

            I think it could be considered a bit of both, depending on how you view it; he was desperate to not lose his sister, even if it meant trapping her soul in his body…in that regards, selfish….but at the same time, HE must live with someone else in his body, he could no longer be Fleance’s gladiator, and whilst not ideal, his sister didn’t lose her own life with her childs….so as well, selfless… yeah, as I said, a bit of both really…

          • Keys2tkingdom

            What Twilight said. It’s a pov question. Some undoubtedly will say one or the other though.

          • Sanu Wolff

            I honestly must say that I agree but what of Venus? How will she feel? Would she think this is selfishness on her brother for making her stay alive while in a way taking not only her child away but also himself in the process or is she happy to have the chance to at least have a stronger tying to her brother?

          • TwilightDreamer

            I’d say right now she’s definitely angry and hurting, considering her reaction to Fleance and everything…but if given time to heal, she may come to see a happier side to it.

          • I have to say that, while I agree with Twilight in the idea that it’s a bit of both, I see it more on the selfish side then the selfless. Let me explain why.

            While, yes, he is doing his best to protect his sister, it is going to be so much more difficult for her to be stuck inside of a male body, knowing that it will probably cause problems for her and her love. Unless he is bi, there are going to be issues with the fact she will be physically male. I myself know a few transgenders, and it’s horrible to see them tear themselves down and apart from the inside-out, physically and mentally, because of the hell they have to go through being in the wrong body. It’s a horrible fate to be pulled into and, as bad as losing her child is, with this ‘sacrifice’ her brother is making not only will she lose her child, she will also lose her brother, her body and even her love. Possibly even her old friends if she isn’t allowed to tell others what has happened to her…meaning she would also lose her identity.

            She will/did lose everything because her brother refuses/refused to let her go. Yes, I completely understand why Theo did what he did. He had every good intention and loving good motive at heart. It’s family. I think all of us would want to give our lives for those we love, however there are some things best left to the fate they have been pulled to or chosen for themselves.

            I honestly feel like it was so much more selfish for Theo to ask Fleance to put Venus soul in his body than it was selfless. While it was an act of love, it was more an act of fear from the point I’m seeing. It was rash. It was quick. He didn’t think through all the problems that could happen, merely grabbed onto the one possibility he saw to keep his sister alive. And for what? Sure she would get to live on, live out some kind of life she might be able to pull together. However, once that body dies, she and him will both become entities still having to wait for Judgement Day. She will then be no more safe than she would have been before hand. She would have been in the same position she would have been if Theo had just done what was called for by the law and by fate. In the end, Venus has lost everything that she cared for and loved, including the person that was trying to ‘protect’ her by putting her in his body.

            As they say, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

            Venus is in a position I would NEVER wish upon others…I pity Venus very deeply and feel much sorrow for her…I hope later in the comic she finds some kind of peace and can move forward in whatever life she can create, find a way to be happy and make the best of what she has. For the time being, she is living a Hell we could not possibly understand. A Hell that her brother paved the way for her.

            I don’t hate Theo, by any means, but I am slightly upset with him. I feel maybe I wouldn’t be if he had taken longer to think over this decision. If maybe there seemed to be some kind of pause. It’s possible in the next page that Fleance is going to explain all the things that could go wrong, all the stuff that Venus will have to go through and what he will no longer be able to do (which is live his own life). It’s possible it could be explained later in the comic that he explained those things to Theo and then Theo thought about it. However, for now, this is my thoughts on the matter. It could change later on in the comic, of course, as the story goes on. For now, however, I feel this was more selfish than selfless.

          • Morbidprince

            Thank you for such a well thought out, touching response!
            And I agree with you 100% of many of your points! Until you’ve met someone who is dealing with gender identity its difficult to understand how difficult it is.
            This will definitely be resolved in some way by the end of the comic and I do hope you stay around and find out and continue to let me know your thoughts! Really appreciate you for taking the time to write this.

  • Inuhime

    That’s sooo sad… X(