Ch 2 – 24 – Rediculous Snore

Fleance did say he was sleepy.  But nooooo you had to insist that he plays another game with you.
And yes, big cats do purr but you would have had to worked with them and they are comfortable around you for you to hear their purrs.
*CORRECTION* An awesome reader (Mayushi) advised me that the biggest cats that purrs is a Cheetah.  Thank you so much for letting me know!
So everyone Leopards, Lions and other Roaring cats cannot purr.  Know the facts from fiction, don’t believe everything on the internet, go and investigate for yourself.  Learning something new every day.

I used bug the hell of out of my cat when he’s purring and falling asleep, and he’d smack me hard with his paw.  Good times.

Would Caesar get smacked?? Stay tuned…

Book Launch in 1 week! :) YAAAAAAAY

Also I will be attending Otakuthon 2014 in Montreal, QC, Aug 22 to 24.  If you’re going come visit me!


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  • TwilightDreamer

    Whoops! lol, almost forgot it was Pandect day! XD *slaps self*
    Aaaaaawwwwww!! Fleance <3……just when it seemed he couldn't get more adorable! :3
    I'm curious to see if Caesar will try to move him, or not dare…:P
    Looking forward to the launch, and Otakuthon! so Jealous, would love to visit it one day :)

    • Morbidprince

      Aaww thank you for always leaving me lovely comments!!! Comments always brighten my day! You know about Otakuthon?? Where about are you from?

      • TwilightDreamer

        You’re welcome :) I like to leave comments if I read something I enjoy.
        I’m from Australia, we’ve got a few events that are similar…Supanova is our biggest, and it’s pretty much our equivalent to Comicon, though I dare say Comicon is likely a lot bigger. We have Animania which is our version of Otakuthon (though again, probably a lot smaller), and at the beginning of this year, we had our first version of Yaoicon…a very, very small version, but even that was great to have :D

        • Morbidprince

          OMG you’re from such a bad ass continent! Bad ass cause 7 of the world’s deadliest snake came from Australia. And the only continent I know where people know their spiders. I need to visit sometime! Hey all big cons started very small so it will most likely be growing in size!

          • TwilightDreamer

            Rofl! XD yep, that’s Aussie for ya….everything wants a piece of you here ;D.
            lol, you got it, in fact, we’ve got the most venomous land snake of all…the Inland Taipan, or Fierce Snake….we’ve got brown snakes, death adders, taipans, tiger snakes, the red bellied black, which isn’t on the list, but still very dangerous.
            as for spiders, we’ve got the funnel webs, and the red backs…there’s also wolf spiders, and the more common huntsman *shivers*…the huntsman may not necessarily be dangerous, but they get massive, and can still bite.
            Well, we’re hoping Yaoi con will grow more here…there’s so many fans, but I think others are hesitant to allow the more…adult rated cons…you know what I mean.

          • Morbidprince

            OMG spoken like a true Aussie! Speaking of the Adder… there’s a joke in Book 2 about Adders XD Just sketching everything out right now…

            when you say small, how small was the Yaoi con? I think ours was around 1000, but that was also a few years ago.

          • TwilightDreamer

            ooo! lol, I’m curious to see that :D
            Tiny….it fit into one small room…with a few others for the panels and screenings…I don’t know how many people actually went…nothing upon a full sized con, but I think it was still an impressive amount for such a tiny event.
            If they come again next year, I’ll be going if I can.

  • ArtieDear

    Ahhh I miss Montreal

    Also Fleance is just so adorable. I need more of him and Caesar in my life. xD I’ve never really considered buying a webcomic before but honestly once yours are done I might snag them all up <3

    • Morbidprince

      Where are you from??? Aww thank you! I’m honored :3

      • ArtieDear

        Right over the border actually, on the American side :p Ten minutes or so from Kingston. And you should be! This comic is so lovely ^^

        • Morbidprince

          Aww thanks again X3

          where are you exactly? I still don’t know XD XD XD Like close to Erie border crossing???

          • ArtieDear

            Oh you’re talking about the Peace Bridge! :D Haha that’s near Buffalo, right? Well I go to school in Rochester but normally I’m at the Thousand Islands crossing about two hours away. xD

  • Mayushi

    Ooh I am so happy to see this comic! I used to read the old one but I lost the link when my old computer crashed AAAGES ago, I am absolutely thrilled to see a polished version being posted! Can’t wait for the rest! It looks gorgeous!
    That said. Um. Actually, the biggest cat that purrs is a cheetah- leopards, lions, tigers and jaguars can’t purr. The cats that roar can’t purr and vice versa. I think it’s got something to do with the larynx and the shape of the skull…
    So maybe Fleance can control it b/c he’s a shapeshifter, and an Ace? That would ease my nitpicky mind :)

    • Feartheswans

      There’s a link to the original on the front page and its still updated as her Rough Copy. Enjoy!

    • LukaTisus

      You’re welcome! :D

    • Morbidprince

      OOO!! Thanks for correcting me! I did not know that! Did you work with big cats before or just very knowledgeable?

      Haha well Fleance “purring” is more like an odd snore. Correct me if I’m wrong, human skulls don’t have that needed anatomical part that allows us to purr do we? We can mimic the sound with our tongue that’s about it, unless I’m missing something here?

      As others have beat me to it… the old one is still around and updating! See front page or LukaTisus’ post below. Glad to have you back!!

      • Akiko

        It was believed that the roaring large cats couldn’t purr, but they can, though they can only produce the sound while exhaling.

        • Morbidprince

          Wow thanks! hmm I should look this up. I’m learning something new with every post here. Can someone who has worked with big cats also chime in? This is fascinating! As for myself the “purring” I interpreted as a growl until the trainer told me it purring. What is considered a purr and what is considered a soft growl? Didn’t have the honour to work with cats. My time spent with roaring cars are too short to tell the difference.

      • Mayushi

        Haha no, I wish, I just have lots of random useless knowledge lol

        I can’t say for sure but as far as I know, humans can’t purr b/c the human larynx is too complex to vibrate like a cat’s would. And there’s something about a bone that needs to be flexible for roaring and stiff for purring, but idk how that applies to humans…


    • Dazzie

      Actually the largest cat that can purr is a Bengal tiger (found that out while volunteering at a animal rescue). Also cougars can purr as well

  • Grimsley Adams

    oh Fleance has a cute sleeping face -w-

  • Fran-anisca Grave

    He purring~!! So cute. I love Caesar hair color.

  • GrellFTW

    My god, fabulous. Caesar should have just listened and let Fleance go to bed. But no.

    • TwilightDreamer

      lol, if I was in Caesars place, I don’t think I’d have the guts to disturb him, even if it was just to say he should go to bed :P

      • GrellFTW

        I wouldn’t either… though maybe a little scratch behind the ear. My cats have always loved that. *shrugs*

        • TwilightDreamer

          maybe, but I’d be too scared he’d turn around and scratch me XD

          • GrellFTW

            *laughs* Eh, he may. But I guess I just got used to cats scratching me. It would be more adorable than threatening to me.

          • Morbidprince

            Nothing scares me more than having to give a cat a bath. Almost lost an eye man

          • GrellFTW

            Really? My cat loves baths… I guess Lucifer is just a weird little turd.

          • Morbidprince

            D: u so fortunate

          • GrellFTW

            I count my blessings… Until she climbs in my laptop bag, or her meows sound like a human baby at one in the morning, anyways.

  • Inuhime

    Love the way he fell asleep.. XD” Soo funny… Those purrs would make me want to cuddle him.. ^_^

  • KiannaLeigh

    Awwww! He’s so cute! I want to hug him! Fleance-baby!

  • kymyit

    so cuuuute XD

  • KawaiiRadioHead


  • Taeryfai

    My cat snores, so I can imagine it well.

  • BL37

    I can’t wait for a new page.

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