Ch 2 – 23 – Lousy Hyena

Hyenas “laugh” are usually fighting words.  So if a Hyena “laughs” at you, it’s not because it thinks you’re funny, and probably not a good sign either.


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  • TwilightDreamer

    Aaawww, this is such an adorable page between Fleance and Caesar :3
    I absolutely love it! And Caesar looks so cute in panel three….and heck, they both look cute in panel four ^-^
    Love it! Great update!
    p.s. looking forward to the launch :D

  • Fran-anisca Grave

    I love this page. I love how Fleance and Caesar communicate so smoothly with each other.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    See, I like pages/ scenes like this, scenes that focus character driven
    development with a bit of hilarity thrown in. And since Caesar and
    Fleance are so different, it’s quite entertaining to watch. I look
    forward to seeing how these two develop as characters and as friends.

    • Morbidprince

      Aww thank you XD XD XD I thought these may be boring cause… they are slow. But I’m glad you enjoyed it! Made my day :)

      Now that’s stuck in my head…

  • kymyit

    oh X°D This boy make me crazy X°D

  • GrellFTW

    I love Caesar and Fleance together. They are utterly fabulous. Thank you for these amazing characters, as well as this amazing comic.

  • Yes! Now I can finally learn how to play chess! *eagerly awaits next page*
    (Nice insult by Fleance, btw.)

    • Starrwinter

      Chess… (yes I sneak on here too….) ;)

      • 83 The reach of our destruction will only spread! >:D……………. Did I say that out loud?

  • Inuhime

    Awwww, they might get along after all. ^_^ Soo cute… Is it wrong that like them as a couple… Oo;;;

  • Tessa

    I love how Fleance just dismisses things. “I don’t know anything about it. I have decided not to like it out of spite.”

  • InfiniteIon

    Fleance, I think all humans would make for lousy hyenas… especially myself. People think I’m crying when I’m actually laughing. C’: Tis a sad reality, it is.

  • Sienna Smith

    I might try to take a page out of the Hyena’s game plan and do a slow, deep chuckle when someone has pressed my buttons. Maybe the chuckle will throw off my enemies a lil

    • Morbidprince

      lol let me know how that goes XD XD