• Keys2tkingdom

    The contact info was a nice touch.

    Though I must say Ice looks good for a 110 (15?) year old.

    • FireFang1331

      Either it’s 110 in dog years or human..my guess is human and he’s waaaay older in dog years lol but I could be wrong…he could just be 15..

      • DinkyPuff

        I’m thinking human because I read the other Pandect comic. These be some OLD dudes here

        • Hamish C

          yeah, that sounds right from having read the older Pandect first. Some of the Aces are pretty damn old, and it’s in human years.

  • Inuhime

    LOLOL I see his focus is on one thing, and one thing only it looks like… Ice might be my fav. What a horny little doggy he is. XD”””

  • TwilightDreamer

    *face palm*
    ICE!! XD
    lol, and yet still lovable :P

  • I giggle every time because of Ice’s right leg being “hiked up.”

    And now I’m curious, since some have talked about age of the Aces; do Ace’s ever die of old age, or are they effectively immortal?

    • KiwiZombii

      Prince Aces usually reign for about 900 years. That’s the best I got.

      • I appreciate the reply. I have no idea where to hunt down that type of information either. C:

        • Morbidprince

          No worries! Unlike the old Pandect these info will all be within the comic itself! Working on it!

          • Oh, yay! That will be amazing! And I can wait, so please no rush. C: I just noticed that after reading for so long, I had no idea what life expectancies the Aces had.

  • Ocearen

    I’m tempted to call the number… but not in case it runs up a giant phone bill to who-knows-where.

    • Morbidprince

      LOL I wonder if they actually dials anywhere…

  • kymyit

    Oh my XD He’s so sweet and funny X°°°°D

    I love this comic!!

    • Morbidprince

      Aww thank you! I had fun making this comic!

  • Red

    Hehehe the leg, and the “translation” of the info on the tree… I love it!

  • PuzzleSavant

    Heh! I always wondered what their pee said.

    • Morbidprince

      Now you know they are leaving their Facebook profile every time they pee…

  • Rose Redgrave

    Lol good job ice…

  • Milla

    i luv it but i have a question, are Black prince and him are a…..nvm but i luvvvv it <3

  • Subaru

    Lol , treeformation… or peeformation to be exact :3