Ch 2 – 19 – Your Roommate is Weird

I decided to design my own set of chess for this entire scene.  I wanted to make it ocean themed because the school is ocean themed.  But just for Fleance, I made it African theme :D

Hologram chess!

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  • Red

    I want that chess!

    • TwilightDreamer

      lol, agreed. I don’t even play chess, and I want it XD

      • Red

        Well I do, I’m not an expert but can say don’t always loose the hand, and I definitively want that chess!

  • TwilightDreamer

    Yay! back to Caesar ^_^….I mean I looooved seeing Fleance and Ice so much, but I like being back to Caesar.
    Nice job on the chess set :)

  • Sagechan

    I want Roses outfit. ♥♥
    Im also really digging the holographic chess concept. I see you have it on an ePod Nano 23. :)

  • kymyit

    The set of chess is so awesome, I love how you care of details *^* Caesar and the teacher.. mmm so he’s not only a pervert guy u.u Good,
    good…. after seeing Him between Ice’s arms, I think I like them as couple X°D

  • GrellFTW

    I love that chess set.

  • Aw, it’s so nice seeing them interact so friendly and warmly. *tryingnottospoilanythingfornewreaders*

    Amazing chess set too! I like how you’re really pushing the technology here too; this is the second holo-visual-thingy that we’ve seen (Caesar’s paper being displayed on the other thingy being the first). I like it. Really helps set up the world they live in. C:

  • PuzzleSavant

    Okay, that’s a cool chess board.

  • Ocearen

    NEW OUTFIT! ….. Pretty sure I will never be able to pull off that much white… or manage a functioning headband…. every time I tried to wear a headband, it looked bad so I just put it back in a ponytail XD

  • feeditskittles

    I’ve just realised I’ve been reading fleance’s name wrong throughout the entire comic

    • Ocearen

      How have you been reading it? 83 -curious-

      • feeditskittles

        I’ve been reading it felance

        • Morbidprince

          I like Felance!! Lol maybe I’ll make a character with that name

          • Ocearen

            My brain would probably auto-correct itself to Fleance if that happens until I saw/met Felance XD

  • Midoki

    That’s the coolest chessboard I have ever seen.

  • Jack Dunn

    I like the environmental/ political turn it has made and the dystopia is kinda cool, but what does this have to do with the scientific method/ experimentation in daily life? Again, ill give it more time.