• TwilightDreamer

    aaaww, Fleance….:( poor guy’s been seriously hurt, though I’m sure he’ll end up becoming friends with Caesar regardless of his own words…:)
    If they want to WHAT!? ROFL!! Ice!….egads, talk about open and friendly to a fault! XD
    Great update :)

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks! That is Ice, always happy and open to talk about sex

  • Inuhime

    O___O”’ Too much info Ice… Seriously… Leave it to a dog. XD”””

    • Morbidprince

      hahaha that’s what he’s been thinking during all this serious talk.

  • InfiniteIon

    Well, Ice, I’d like to thank you for making my night all the better. But Edgar? Really? How would that even work?

    Also, if you’re still offering, my room is XXX and I must ask what’s your favorite position? Doggie style or my personal favorite, Doge style? Your pick, Ice. Your pick.

  • Begins with bedtime stories, ends with XXX… That’s a serious shift. lol.

    I think adding in the humor helped by not having this page turn too… depressing. Fleance is upset about the whole thing, and being so young, he’s got these strong negative feelings (and it comes through on the pages). I think Ice is balancing him out nicely here.

    • Morbidprince

      LOL Always end bedtime stories with XXX

      Unfortunately Fleance isn’t that pleasant of a person… hope that changes as happier things happen to him :)

  • PuzzleSavant

    Aw, Fleance brings up a good point. He and Ice are on two completely different sides of a coin – one where humans want to kill you for your rare fur, and one where everyone adores you and trusts you to protect them. Of course, if Ice were in China, then it’d be another story for him – but I digress.

    I still love how Ice can change a serious mood into something funny. It makes me think of Chekov – but I know Ice never meant to upset Fleance. Being a dog, he just wants to please his friend, so I can see why he brought up XXX. Who knows, Fleance could be sexually frustrated, and I mean, they ARE boys in a university so~. You get the point. :)

  • Midoki

    Well we have a horny guy here

    • Morbidprince


  • GrellFTW

    OH my god Ice. Bad timing. Much bad timing.

  • Sydney Branson

    what the actual f*** Ice…. why couldn’t you say something like that earlier, so there would be tha nastayyy

  • Sheyn Beck

    Oh, Ice!!! You bring sex up now??? Couldn’t you have mentioned it BEFORE you made Fleance mad at you?