Ch 4 – 26 – The Aquarium

Sorry I didn’t have time to finish this page due to all the time I had to dedicate to creating convention artwork.  XD I’ll come back to it at a later time!

It will be done for sure when I print it.

Thank you to everyone who visited me and showered me with your love and support at Anime Expo!  Sorry to those I haven’t been able to respond to I’m currently still out of the country I will be back next week!

Special thanks to Ocearen who helped me set up my booth you’re such a great help, my display was put together so perfectly, I hope you can make it to AX again next year! Also thanks to Fluff, Allison, Kayla, and Tenchi Kurosaki, you guys made my weekend extra special!  And all the fans that came to my booth!  And I will try my best to get book 2 finished before next convention!  See you all next year!!

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  • Motoko Coeman


  • Shiro-Kuroi Minamoto

    Oh I thought you did that on purpose like so other creature was spying on Edgar

  • Sagechan

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  • LukaTisus


    Dinosaur Eels are my FAVORITES :D I have four of them! Two senegals and two Delhezi..!! Best fishies.

  • Onyx

    Aww . . . it’s fine :3 It’s great just to hear from you~ I can’t wait to see more of your work, please take care of yourself~