Ch 5 – 19 – Stealth Ability

I mentioned this ability a few times in the rough draft, but never really went into details about how exactly it works.   Mostly due to me trying to figure out all the little details of the Gladiator powers as I was writing it.

This page should shed some lights on this special ability :)

I am looking forward to more fight scenes cause I am having so much fun with them!

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  • Keys2tkingdom

    Oh. Oh dear. I remember this. Crabby’s not walking away from this in one piece.

    • Sumi

      I remember this too. I recall blood and feathers….lots of them…

    • LukaTisus

      Er.. as a fan of the original draft, I don’t think this scene ever even happened and Crabby’s character was actually the hermit crab Cesar was assigned to care for.

      • Keys2tkingdom

        I’m a fan of the rough draft too, so I’m also quite aware how this scene – let alone Crabby – wasn’t in the Rough Draft. I do believe I’ve referenced the rough draft several times in my previous comments before on other pages, so do try to keep up.

        What I was referring to the fact that I remember the stealth ability and Cleatus’ “Serious Mode” – both of which were shown in the rough draft. Cleatus used Stealth frequently to sneak into places undetected – particularly Noah’s Room – and we saw Cleatus’ serious mode in the flashback against a certain Peacock Gladiator. However, when I saw all the magenta start to cover everything, I wasn’t sure what ability of Cleatus’ I was seeing as Dina has already gone one record that she has tweaked Gladiator abilities. That is, until I read Dina’s blurb and I put two and two together.

        And I’m sure you recall as well as I do when Cleatus gets serious, things start to die – and in a rather bloody fashion. Combine that with stealth, and it becomes very likely that Crabby will die in pieces, not knowing where attacks are coming from.

        At the very least, we can all agree that Crabby is going to be bloody by the end of this fight. Whether he’s alive, dead, missing an appendage or two, or just slowly bleeding out is up for grabs.

    • LukaTisus

      The scene you’re thinking about is Noah’s flashback, maybe? When Noah takes out the bird Gladiators that were tailing the cobra babies.

  • TwilightDreamer

    CRABBY!!! D:

  • kymyit

    no crabby!!! >_<

  • This should say “mistake” instead of “mistaken”.