Ch 4 – 38 – What’s Not Going to Work?

Edgar must have the worst Freudian slip ever?

I modified the script quite a bit for this scene if you’ve read the rough draft.  Due to the fact that it’s not longer in a classroom but in a giant fancy terrarium.  I also modified quite a few things so there are still surprises for the old readers :).

Thank you everyone for all the congrats and words of comfort! Thank you all for worrying about me and for some who open up to me in case I needed someone to talk to for support, I truly appreciate everything :)  Sorry I haven’t been able to make a personal response to everyone I will do that as soon as I get the chance!  For now I’ll make sure to have enough pages to update for the rest of this month before I can rest a bit.

Thank you for reading :D

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  • Goku_Chan

    Oh my god *nosebleeding*
    Ich love it *-* and I like Noah *p*
    Very beautiful page <3 like ever ^^

    • Onyx

      Yes . . . just yes with everything you just said. Yes. :D

  • Twilight Echo (SerenityBaby)

    Well that sounds like a really good offer ;)

    • Onyx

      T-that can’t be sanitary . . . p-plus what a-about the Prince?

      • Twilight Echo (SerenityBaby)

        I’m sure his area gets cleaned out everyday, nice and clean in there ;) and I’m sure the Prince wont mind waiting a little longer for his book =D

  • Shiro-Kuroi Minamoto

    I still enjoy seeing Edgar’s reaction. xD

    • Onyx

      I mean how could you not? Just look at that blush! :3

  • Subaru

    My anaconda dont , my anaconda dont my ana (you know where this is going but its gonna happen anyway ;) ) dear lawd hes my ideal lover.

    • Onyx

      Nuuuuu, and I finally got that song out of my head!! Argh- the urge to cheer this on or act concerned are locked in a epic conflict >///<

  • Onyx

    And in this update my inner parental figure is murdered by my inner fan person . . . 0///0 Oh Edgar, what an awful slip of the tongue . . . *starts chanting* KISS KISS KISS KISS. XD I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, this update or just the last panel. Every rock, every tree? Noah sure had a way with words . . . Thanks for the hard work, and don’t worry about the comments! You should take care of you health, and we have each other to cuddle, chuckle, and cry with. :3

  • oh damn

  • KiannaLeigh

    x_x *is dead b/c of last panel* don’t mourn me … i died happily.

  • Cornflakes

    Don’t threaten Edgar with a good time 😆😆😂😂

  • Larkle

    “I’ll let you see me naked.”

    That is a damn good line.

  • TwilightDreamer

    O////O …….hot…hot…hot!!!
    *squeals*…..too damn good! Love the page!!

  • Sanu Wolff
    • Red

      This is the best response…lol…

  • “I’ll let you see me naked.” …and everything I’m thinking would be told…good luck Edgar holding back!

  • Inuhime

    O_O””” Ooooooooooo Mr.snake thou moves fast, Our dear Edgar isn’t fighting it much anymore though is he…

  • Kiku

    On every rock and tree. U killed me with this! Priceless xDD