Ch 4 – 37 – We Won’t Meet Again

Yay! I’m happy to be on schedule again :D .

37 page into Book 2… approx 70 more pages to go ._.

On a heavier note, my blood test did come back from the Dr, don’t worry guys I’m fine I was not sick!! But it definitely explained my sudden hate for cabbage and certain meat, the fatigue and the constant feeling of wanting to throw up… And why I can’t stand the smell of the fridge…

The only thing on my mind right now is I’m so not ready!! @w@

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  • Markéta Fillerová

    Congratulations :D… and dont worry… you will be ready in time ;)

  • Sagechan

    Wait’s for Noah to start playing Vera Lynn….

  • Alice Camden

    Oh, Congratulations :) …and the new page is wonderful, too ;)


    Au contraire Edgar…this ship SHALL sail on! Glad you’re not sick btw!

  • Sylvia B

    I feel Mr. Handsome Gladiator might protest to Edgar’s departure

  • Onyx

    *chokes on drink by panel two* O-oh Gods . . . no, EDGAR WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PERFECT CHILD?! 0: Eh- but I’ve got an experience I have to share with you, so today we were talking about atoms and molecules in biology and there was a picture of a gecko and she started to explain how they stuck to other surfaces before I eventually took over the class . . all thanks to you! :D

    Also, it’s great to hear there’s nothing wrong- but I told you not to over work yourself! D:

  • Nicole Best

    So I take it you’re pregnant. Congrats and wish you very much good luck.

  • Subaru

    Oh they’ll meet again, i guarantee it ;)

  • TwilightDreamer

    Well, definitely can’t blame Edgar, Noah really is too darn hot…. XD
    But I’m almost starting to wonder if he has a Fudanshi as well ;P…lol, probably not…he just says things as he sees them :P
    Better go fast Edgar…I don’t think Noah will take rejection well D:

  • SiennaS

    Kinda off topic but for some reason this pic made me think of Edgar

  • Axel Reno Eiserman

    So I assume that you’re pregnant? That’s a big thing. Congratulations if you want to keep the child ^^ buy don’t feel like you have to if you’re not ready. A child is a big thing but it’s your body.

    But Edgar sweetie!! He’s a sexy gladiator! It’s not every day you get this opportunity, don’t just throw it away!

  • Wow, Edgar is really upfront. Congratulations Dina! It will be ok. *hugs*

  • Cornflakes

    I’m glad you’re okay! The two most recent pages look wonderful and I love your art work

  • Endreas Yohannes

    That book is probably where Edgar keeps his sexy gladiator fanfics. Also, *protect.

  • KiannaLeigh

    Yay! I’m so happy to hear you’re not sick. Whatever happens next you have my over-the-internet love.

  • MORBID, the next page better be a “bring me dat ass” page.

  • maxinedziel

    hi there,
    it happened to me too. i did abortion.
    i knew i was not ready to have a child. scary,stressfull, i pass throuh different emotions, but in the end i never regereted it nor felt bad about it i felt releaved. it was finally over and i could turn a page you know. don’t feel bad or guilty to not want to have that baby. YOU are the only person who know how you feel about it and what that ”little voice” say to you.
    the medical personals was all great, very kind, they know it’s not easy.
    so if you were worried, i hope i could help to reassure you, even if a tiny beat.

  • Wethril

    Oh dear I totally know what you mean. @@ I wish you the best with this. Think over it perfectly.

  • Red

    Congrats!! And who can blame Edgar… Honey, you’d make me rethink my fear for snakes…