Ch 3 – 36 – Cleatus, Anaconda

I’ve always wanted A Space Observatory room in my house so Titus gets to have my wish.  On top of that I gave him a shark fin chair.  LOL Shark fin chair… not made of shark fins.  I made me laugh.

Titus, Cleatus and Caligari… unlike the rough draft, the main villains appears really early :)

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine’s Day, a Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!!!  Hope you have a wonderful/awesome/sexy/hot night, and don’t overpay for stuff you can wait a day and get it at a discount… seriously

*sends virtual hugs and kisses*

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  • TwilightDreamer

    I want a space observatory room!!! that would be the best room ever!!!! *cries*
    lol, honestly though, it’s beautiful, you did great on it….I really didn’t know if he was outside or inside at first :)
    That poor little gladiator! D: *growls at Cleatus*

  • 朱玉清

    Personally I preferred the way you introduced Cleatus’ character in the original Pandect. I was actually rather scared of him with his axe and his mask O_O Can’t wait for you to finish book 2 though :D

    • LukaTisus

      Oh, just wait for it… mwahaha :P

  • Sagechan

    Cleatus my main man! ♥ ♥
    So excited now that hes shown up.
    Is… is that Timmy?

    • LukaTisus


      Yes it is.

  • Keys2tkingdom

    First off, Titus, turn off your glasses. You look like Gendo.

    Now for the important stuff..
    Helloooo, Cleatus. Still tall, dark, and sexy I see. (And still being being mean to Timmy too…)

    Glad to see somethings don’t change.

  • Jay

    Titus, come be my interior designer. I even like the look of the shark fin chair (I’m glad no sharks were harmed in the making of this comic).
    Cleatus, you look so charming in this introduction, but I really don’t think that Timmy likes the way you are holding him. Perhaps put him down to find the other babies.
    Caesar can set up a nursery and watch over all the baby gladiators. And then Daddy Fleance can come back from a hard day at school and being the Black Prince and deny that they are all his cubs and make them hide under bushes. Then Mommy Ice will swoop in and buy them all sweet treats and attempt not to make any of them fall in love with him.

    I do like that all the main villains are introduced early on, but that makes me wonder about where the line is for the later characters hmm….hmmm….which side do they fall on? Eeek! I’m excited for next week!

  • Ok, I never realized that Titus was a villain in the rough draft, but definitely getting that vibe here. Especially sitting the the dark… Like a creeper…