Ch 3 – 16 – He’s a Vampire

Some changes to the designs on these two.

Original Design

Since Pandect takes place in the future, on an Island, maybe it’s possible that racism, sexism, and homophobia doesn’t exist?

I’m probably being too hopeful…

I do hope that one day we stop fighting about difference amongst ourselves and start watching  what our governments are up to, and what in the world is happening with our dollar.

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  • Tiswali

    I fear their cuteness, these two make my heart melt and squeal like a fangirl XD

  • rei rei

    I love these two. They are entertaining in the draft, did you bring them in earlier? *Goes back to double check the draft*

  • InfiniteIon

    … Yes, he’s a vampire because they only prowl the streets during the day. They’re adorable, I want to dye my hair like that! Blonde with black spots, that would be so cool~! >W<

  • Keys2tkingdom

    I really like the cubs’ redesigns. Especially, Kouros’ since it helps to distinguish him more from the rest of the cast – and especially Rufus. It took me a moment to spot Rufus’ redesign, since it seems only his hair color changed.

    Btw, the Cubs’ facial markings and hair color of their Ace forms bring up a question for me; how are things like this explained to humans in-universe? Since it seems that an Ace form’s Morphic Resonance can potentially cause any Ace to have unusual – for humans at least – hair coloring, skin markings, etc; I would think that some humans might ask why some Ace’s hair looks the way it does or why there are markings that seem to defy most human birthmark conventions in unusual places on an Ace’s body.

    Realistically speaking – and I ask the Ms. Situ and my fellow readers to forgive me if I accidentally offend anyone with this (not so short) spiel – I doubt racism, sexism, and homophobia don’t exist in-universe, since even among the animal portion of the cast there seems to be some level of Fantastic Racism when it comes to snakes and/or snake supremacists in universe (this being the most obvious thing from that list). As for sexism and homophobia, I doubt those things can be totally gone as well (As some religions have customs that revolve around sexism and homophobia). Although on the plus side, they might not be as rampant as they are today.

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you for such a thoughtful reply to my re-design of the cubs! Sorry for the late response I”ve been wanting to write back to you many times but haven’t been able to until now.

      You raised a very good question! This does get addressed more or less in the comic although probably not as much as I should. This is something I should cover more in depth for the final draft! Thank you for bringing this up.

      Since there’s a lot of strange students with strange markings and hair colours running around the school, the abnormal becomes the normal. I think it would be more or less like being in an a anime/comic convention, by the end you don’t even realize how weird everyone is, in fact when you leave the convention ground you are shocked by how “normal” everyone is dressed, no strange wigs, no strange make up, nobody trying to be a fictional character etc. Does that make sense?

      You’re not offensive at all, and being a Christian myself I see how easily one group can be pitted against another, the group that wins is the one that gets the government on their side, and that’s wrong. We forget that people who came to North America were ones who believed in free speech and that government should not be involved in governing personal and religion business. I support separation of church and state and neither the church or rights movement activists should allow the government to get involved in matters that are related to freedom of speech and freedom of choice. The government is there for the people. When government have too much control… well that’s when it’s bad for everyone and unfortunately I see American and Canada going down this dark path as China in the old days did. One group should not be able to make another group do what they don’t agree with. Unless we can all live in disagreement of each other peacefully, I don’t think we will be any different than now. Ack sorry for sounding so gloomy and long post!

      • Keys2tkingdom

        Thank you for the response. I totally understand that real life tends to throw things at us that demand our immediate attention. That, and the fact I’m a freelance commission artist myself, I totally know what it feels like to get a digital message but be too swamped to respond. (Speaking of which, I’ve got a few complements I need to respond to as well… -_-;;).

        Your explanation, coupled with the analogy of an anime/comic convention, really helped me understand the situation – as I’ve experienced that first hand.

        And I’m glad I didn’t offend you with that spiel. As (from my experiences) discussing politics and religion can lead to heated arguments and lost tempers – something that no one wants – as well so many “unsexy facts” that can lead to a rather gloomy moods.

        Once again, thank you for responding. Keep up the good work Ms. Situ, I look forward to reading more of this story.

  • Inuhime

    LOL Gladiators and then they get scared at the drop of a hat. XD” Soo cute. Though i doubt the Prince would find it cute.

  • Jessica Elaine Jaffe

    Thanks for the links dina! they are a little old, but still highly relevant

  • Red

    I want to live in that island.

  • TwilightDreamer

    So sorry I didn’t come on last week, been having trouble with my laptop :s
    rofl! sorry kids, busted!! XD They’re sooooo cute!

  • sweetlemon

    The redesign is perfect, and it’s really great that you’re thinking about representation of racial diversity. I love you and I’ve read your comic from the beginning. We’ve even met once in person at Anime North years ago.
    So, I hate to be blunt but I’ve always wondered why isn’t Fleance black? He’s African and he’s also melanistic, shouldn’t he have more melanin in his skin in human form? I do understand that it’s about creative vision, but I feel like it’s a good time to point this out now..

    • Morbidprince

      AAh sorry for the late reply! Thank you for reading my comic! Wow do you still go to Anime North? Love to see you again :)
      Don’t worry about being blunt! I enjoy reading questions and just not good at getting them answered in a timely manner ^^;;;

      And you’ve asked an excellent question! I don’t want to spoil the story too much but I plan to have this explained earlier in this version of the comic than the old version. I don’t think i ever got to it in the old version.. oops.

      I’m assuming you know all about the colonizing of various countries around the world in the last two centuries. The human form of the Aces takes after the ruling race of the time of their birth, there’s a few other characters in addition to Fleance that shares the same reason for their skin color. Edgar (South America), Cherokee (North America), Valerie (Hong Kong), and Theo (Middle East).

      Sorry if I sound scattered brained, trying hard not to spoil too much :)
      Thank you for the comment!

      • Morbidprince

        Actually scratch all that I want to keep this comic light.

        Changes TBA