Ch 2 – 8 – Be My Friend

Fleance to the rescue!

Which do you prefer? Soft or hard tacos? Or do you not like tacos?

I once ate at an authentic Mexican restaurant and said “Your tacos are better than Taco Bell” and the owner, and waiters glared at me :D

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  • Nyx

    Both depending on my mood. By the way thanks for creating such an awesome webcomic, even though there is no BL yet ;} just allusions to it

  • InfiniteIon

    I prefer hard shell tacos because I like the crunch! I tried eating at an authentic Mexican restaurant once and I didn’t like their tacos because their “beef” was poorly chopped steak, someone didn’t dice the tomatoes properly for the salsa and their shells tasted like corn. I felt like I was eating flatten corn with my “beef” and “salsa”. Never again will I dine there…

    Ice, where does “fast or slow” fit in with tacos? Answer me that and we’ll talk more. Fleance, you have progressed many fangirls’ fantasies by tenfold with that push!

  • Oce

    I’ll take a Cheesy Gordita Crunch from Taco Bell to get the best of both worlds ^_~
    Otherwise I’m a fan of both and pick based on whether I want something hard and crunchy or soft and nommy that day. As for real Mexican food….. not a fan. I’m a simple person and the crazy spices and sauces hate me when I try to eat there.

  • Inuhime

    Tacos lol, Hmmm, Hard Tacos… Eaten fast.. XD” I hate it when they go all mushy… O_0”’ Don’t. you? Oo”’

  • Kendra

    Ice is so clueless…

  • Jessica Elaine Jaffe


  • KawaiiRadioHead

    daww ice

    such a cute

    *tacos was a good one btw*

  • Layna P.

    Tacos!!! Lol

  • TwilightDreamer

    heh heh….poor ceasar…..that thing just doesn’t give the poor guy a break….
    Thanks Fleance! XD

  • Interpolation

    For the longest while I only liked soft tacos and couldn’t stand hard tacos. I like them both alright now though.
    I think Ice would make a good friend for Ceasar. Also, I’m trying to envision fast and slow tacos. I guess fast would be like fast food, and slow would be slow-cooked?

  • Sagechan

    I like both, sometimes I melt some cheese and wrap a soft taco around the hard one. Other times I just have nachos with Doritos chips. Lazy Mexican food is my specialty. :D

    Sometimes I think I’m being a pervy Caesar, but then he says stuff like this and I’m all “nah, I’m not THAT bad.” So happy to see Ice in color! He’s so… white. lol I guess I didn’t expect him to be so pail.

  • Amber

    Oh my~

    And yes Ice he’s most certainly talking about Tacos >.>

    • Morbidprince

      Only Caesar can turn taco and geckos into something pervy >.>;;;;

      • Amber

        Why yes yes indeed~

  • IraCat

    *reading coments* I’m hungry…..

  • Jessica

    I think Sober’s a koala and Ice is a penguin. :B

    • LukaTisus

      Ice is a Husky.

    • Nyx

      Sober is definitely a koala but I have no clue on ice

    • Morbidprince

      Good try on Ice! It was going to be reviewed soon but looks like LukaTisus already did it for me lol
      I should have a Penguin…thanks for the idea!

    • Jessica Daviss

      :3 we have the same name *and so does another million girls* lol

  • feeditskittles

    All the comments are making me feel left out cause I’ve never had tacos :(

    • Morbidprince

      Left out? No left out! *HUG*

    • Sienna Smith

      who needs tacos when you have skittles!

      • Morbidprince

        I love skittles :D

      • feeditskittles

        So true

  • aki

    Hahahaha…..I know what he means…haha…I cant stop laughing at this part….but I really wish that ceaser and fleance can be together :^

  • Maria Knight

    LOLLOL well…I like soft taco’s but for some reason I just know..That is not what he meant :D

  • PurrAlaniPurr

    Just found this. Need more. Oh, wait. Tomorrow’s Friday. Yay!

    Anyways, I prefer hard tacos, myself. And yes, I do realize that he’s not actually referring to tacos. Which is a real shame because it’s currently 4:10 AM and I am now starving. THANK YOU. :|

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you! Hope you continue to enjoy my comic!

      4am???? Honey, you should be in bed sleeping :)

      • PurrAlaniPurr

        Um, what’s sleep?? xD Haha, such is college life.

  • ArchVengence

    That’d be me, “Is he talking about tacos?” xD :’)

  • You kept the taco line!!!! It’s so awesome and memorable. <3

    And Ice is very pale (but I guess it suits him, what with his name and all). :) I'm also happy to see the piercing blue eyes he was named for! Yay!

  • PuzzleSavant

    LOL! You’re comment – because Hispanics know Taco Bell isn’t real Mexican food. ROTFLOL!

  • tacolover

    taco bell are not tacos! they are chingaderas ;D

    • Morbidprince

      Lol I learned

  • LawaLand

    omg i only found out today this comic got re-done. but so happy because now lots to catch up on. LOVE THIS EVEN MORE <3 And woo the chase is about to happen hehe :P

  • Sheyn Beck

    “Is he talking about tacos?” Love it!!! I LMFAO’d the first time I read that & it’s still just as funny the second time through! That Ice is a character!!

  • Jess

    you know what the snowman said to the other?
    ICE to meet you XD

    I’m sorry , it was horrible