Ch 2 – 5 – I’ve Been Molested?

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!!! *throws confetti and hope nobody gets any in their eye*

Snails are not THAT slow, they can go 1 meter per hour, that’s as fast as Toronto traffic during peek rush hour. HA!

Guess what is the species this snail.  HINT: Fresh water, aquatic, pet.

Congrats to Inuhime, you got it! Apple Snail :)

Kudos to Edgar, catching like a pro.  (I don’t think a real Gecko can do that tho, sorry…)

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  • rei rei

    Hermit Crab? Love the surprise update. I am actually following both this and the rough draft one. So interesting….

    • Morbidprince

      Good try rei rei!! It’s an Apple Snail. Wow I hope it won’t be confusing to read!!! XD
      thank you for reading!!

  • InfiniteIon

    Pond Snail? Evidently, he isn’t aware of what molestation really is… Oh well, he’s got the gist of it so it’s all good. Run snail boy, run!

    • Morbidprince

      You are very close! But it is an Apple Snail :)

      • InfiniteIon

        Darn! Well, thank you for correcting me. :D T’was a fun little game to play.

  • Inuhime

    Apple snail? I had several as pets in my tank… But my crawfish thought they where yummy… )_)”’ So I can’t keep ’em any more… O__o”’ The snail boy reminds me of my pets… They definitely didn’t run that fast. They’d be alive if they did. I hope you have a good new Year. ^_^ Ty soo much for the surprise update.

    • Kendra

      Seconding this guess. :)

    • Morbidprince

      OMG you got it!!! sorry about your snails… they were expensive snacks :(

  • Amber

    Caesar how dare you molest him and not me~

  • TwilightDreamer

    lol! Edgar is awesome! XD
    Poor Caesar…known as a perv even when he’s not XP

  • Interpolation

    The snail (?) seems sort of surprised. I guess it’s too early in the morning for him as well.

    I suppose him being a snail explains the gastropod comment…

  • FireFang1331

    I’m so intreged by the blue in Ceaser’s hair…..Also those beautiful red eyes!! I never thought I’d fine a snail cute/beautiful, but I do right now! Lol

    • Morbidprince

      I think you’re the first!! Snails are very cute and beautiful… just have to stare at them for a long time before they start to look good.

      • FireFang1331

        Holy crap, hi awesome person of epic!!! :D I just want to say your an awesome artist! If I had half the skill you do then I’d be able to at least attempt to draw some of my own characters….anyways! Are they really that cute? I mean…it’s a snail…they’re like…bugs…right? Also question…will there be a fox or wolf!? O.O Wolves and foxes are my favorite animals so I’m dying to see one in this humanoid style ‘ace’ thing! That and snakes…I love me some snakes…I have one actually, pretty little girl corn snake. ANYWAYS! Sorry to ramble XD I just don’t get responses from artists usually! I’ve only ever gotten one so this is exciting for me!

        • Morbidprince

          As long as you don’t mind my slow slow snail like replies D:
          You’re so adorable can I take you home?

          And Yes there will be not 1, not 2 but at least 4 wolves, and a dog. I hope I will do your favorite animal justice!! But I must warn you one of the wolf is a main villain, same goes for the snake, and there will also be a gang of snakes of different kind!

          • FireFang1331

            LOL Of course I don’t mind! I’m not very speedy with mine either. Sometimes it takes a week or so for me to reply. lol
            Daw you’re sweet :3

            Yeeeee yay!! That’s awesome! ^_^ I’m super excited! It’s ok that they’re villains, you need conflict and villain’s for a story! Ooo so many snakes~ I’m very happy now, can’t wait for more!

  • Sheyn Beck

    I’m loving that blue in Caesar’s hair. Mom, can I get my hair done like this? No? Damn it!

  • Nicky Cloutier

    Toronto traffic tho..