Ch 2 – 4 – Gastropod

First fact drop in the comic.  You will find more of these in the later pages when more creatures show up.

Is the little Fleance too fierce for Caesar?  Poor snail?  Leave your thoughts :)

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  • Kiku

    poor boy xDDDDDD

  • Amber

    Fleance I love you!!!!!! You can have my soul anyday

  • Serina Gothard

    AAH!!! Poor Snail!! Don’t die!! Heheh I’ll be interested how you’ve adapted the next page!! SO looking forwards to it! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Dina! <3 Heheh!

    • Morbidprince

      You already know what I’ll be doing to the Rufus <3

  • Jessica Elaine Jaffe

    I like the tightness of the nss fact.

    • Morbidprince

      Only you can make that sound sexier :D

  • ArtieDear

    I just wanted to say I absolutely love the idea for this comic :) I’ve been reading the original color-less pages, and I’ve noted a lot of improvements (other than color!) in the new version. The wording in the first version can sometimes be awkward and there’s a lot of dialogue, whereas the new pages flow very nicely now! Love love love. Can’t wait until there’s a full finished print version ;)

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you so much! And I’m glad there’s improvement in both artwork and dialogue, I got worried when I had to snip out a lot of the conversations. XD

  • TwilightDreamer

    rofl!! I think I’m really beginning to like these two ;D

    • Amber


  • Interpolation

    I understand Caesar’s pain here.

    • Morbidprince

      I agree… mornings are bad enough as they are.

  • ÇhR0n4

    oh no, he takes hostages! O.O

  • Lilly Zhang

    Great way to started the morning, eh?

  • I love it. Facts in my fun stuff is the most preferred way of learning.

    And the little gastropod is pretty cute! I’m digging his antennae hair.

  • Sheyn Beck

    Fleance is cute. I have two cats so to me, his ferocity only makes him cuter!!!