Ch1 – 12 – Nice to meet you

Ever regret rooming with certain people whom you thought would have been a good roommate? D:

I’m sure we all did at some point.

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  • Oce

    -licks shiny new page- <3

    • Morbidprince

      page licks back @w@

  • lukaiyo

    oh come now im sure its all just a bunch of gossip! a man that pretty doesnt /rape/ people.

    that probably sounded worse than i meant it too ^^;

    • Morbidprince

      hahaha you’re so cute i want to hug you

  • Amber

    I just recently stumbled upon this comic and I must say,I really am starting to love this the art is amazing and I love the characters~ Fleance is adorbs <3

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks Amber! I’m very happy you are enjoying my comic! Hope Fleance continues to entertain you!

      • Amber

        Oh my gosh he totally is I just need to hug him!!! I am really glad I found this comic. I’m totally going to start fangirling in just a few moments here hehehe <3

        • Morbidprince

          you’re so cute! And there will be lots more to come! I promise no update delays! XD

          • Amber

            Kya!!! I love you and this comic *flails arms* I’m recommending this to all my fellow Yaoi friends

          • Morbidprince

            Aaw thank you!!! Really appreciate that! Hope they will enjoy it as much as you did :D

          • Amber

            I just know they will!!! ^_^

  • Ranka Sacrates

    not bad .w. pretty good story going on. ewe now i got two comics to be looking out for X3!

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks Ranka! Glad to entertain you!

  • TwilightDreamer

    huh…oh dang, that it so far?
    Well no matter, I’m liking it so far :D…looking forward to more.

    • xixi

      me toooo!!! :D

      • TwilightDreamer


        • Morbidprince

          Thanks guys XD!

  • AlexandraSwiss

    OMG, I haven’t seen Pandect in so long!! I totally just stumbled on this!! I’m gonna have to go find the original and reread it! Looks smashing in color though.

    • Morbidprince

      Thanks!! No need here you go:
      it’s a rough copy of this one though, so some of the things will be changed, like a bit to the script, some pages that serves no purpose will be scrapped… you’ll see XD It’s a lot to catch up on if you havent’ seen it for long time tho…D:

  • Katherine Sheafe

    That “He rapes little boys!” comment just made me crack up so much! XD :3

  • ÇhR0n4

    good thing Fleance is a cat so his ass is saved (?)