Ch 4 – 43 – You Are So Dead, Frog

I can’t tell you how much fun I had drawing the sand in the background here and playing with textures and making the pattern made by Edgar’s tail in the sand.

Whoa enough of that!

Oh Edgar, you forgot the thing you went through to get! :O

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  • Dibu-JohnDoe

    Looks lovely as always! You can tell someone had fun doing something when it comes out beautifully and effortless ❤️

    • Morbidprince

      Thank you :D I’m glad it came out nice! I did not like doing backgrounds when I started this.. no I HATED doing backgrounds. But I’m getting a better hang of it!

      • Dibu-JohnDoe

        You’re welcome! You are very skillfully executing backgrounds on every page!

        I really hate doing backgrounds too, I’m struggling with that right now :(

  • o my

  • Onyx

    NUUUUUUUUUUU NOT THE BOOK!!!! ALL OF THIS FOR THAT JOURNAL AND YOU LEFT IT!!! Also, “meep”? “Gek”? Oh Edgar you are one of a kind . . . Heh, it’s kidna cute seeing Noah call out to Edgar about his journal ^-^ NOW GO BACK BEFORE NOAH CAN READ YOUR SECRET FANFICTIONS!!! :D: (decide which face you see!) Thanks for the update, it’s cool seeing the background :3

    • Morbidprince

      You never fail to make me smile!!! And thank you :D

  • Keys2tkingdom

    Noah: “You are so dead, frog.”

    That never gets old no matter how many times I read it – and now I can read it in glorious color!

    Now with that scene out of the way, I must say the changes made are really going to make all the Edgar x Noah scenes that much more interesting – so long as Noah and his little thing with Mother is still a thing in the final draft – as Noah wasn’t -nearly- as successful (or gentle :P) with his seduction in the rough draft ;)

    On the other hand, I can see where some plot points aren’t going to change a lot. Dat journal…

    • Morbidprince

      Happy to make you laugh as always :D

      I hope all the changes I made helps with the dynamics and tension of these two, I didn’t want to make big changes cause then I might as well write a brand new story from scratch LOL. The hardest part though is that because the rough draft is so far ahead and re-doing this story again i tend to take out a lot of things. I try not to cut out things that I thought were unimportant but they actually were. Oh dear i’m rambling again D:

      But love enjoy reading your feedback on comparing the rough draft and this final draft!! They are important to me :D

  • Subaru

    Oh he’ll be back , not mostly for the book either ;) 💕

  • TwilightDreamer

    Go Edgar go!! D: Move those tiny, itty bitty legs…!!!
    …..damn it….been seeing gekos around the place lately, and they’re so darn cute!!
    Hmmm….I want to feel worried that he left the journal behind…and part of me does…but, isn’t it just what he wrote notes from class in? Sweet little edgar certainly seems the type to consider that “very important” information :P…..guess we’ll find out next time ^_^

    • Morbidprince

      I’m soooooo jealous that you have such awesome wild life in and around your house! There’s only fruit flies here in the Canadian winter cold metropolitan.

      What kind of geckos do you see around?

      Haha yes next time Noah would have read the Journal D: DUN DUN DUUUUN!!

      • Endreas Yohannes

        That journal is probably where he keeps his gladiator fanfics. Noah likes gladiators.

  • Larkle

    “You are so dead frog.” Is not as sexy as his other pick-up lines. :(

  • Endreas Yohannes

    Oh yeah…….plot progression………FML!

    • Morbidprince


  • TheOneWithTheBook

    How does Noah not know the difference between a gecko and a frog?? *sigh* At least he’s pretty. XD

    • He’s just using the term to tease Edgar. It will become a term of endearment before long.