Ch 3 – 24 – Paw to Paw

“Say something”


Edit: Nov 27, 2014
LOL just FYI, whenever you see a “Say Something” or the like in the comment section it’s a place holder for me to write my thoughts for the page before it updates.  Sometimes I forget to do this. XD

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  • Ice is being soooo friendly to the cubs…what are his true intentions?

    • leosapiens

      he’s a dog, they are just.. friendly :D

    • Lunari Noeko

      ever seen ice being NOT friendly to someone?xD

  • TwilightDreamer

    egads! what the heck was on my mind to make me forget to check Pandect earlier??? *slaps head*
    And their names are……!!!!!……
    ….O.O……..well dang, I can only remember one right now! XD rofl!
    Now I want dessert…no fair Ice! XP

    • Sanu Wolff

      *face palms* I just realized we didn’t get their names officially yet in this comic XD

      • TwilightDreamer

        lol, yeah I know…I own the comic so I do know them…but I’ve forgotten one XD

        • Marissa

          Rufus and Kouros if I remember right

  • lol. Had a nice, long discussion only to realize that he doesn’t even realize their names. And Ice! Kids are not supposed to drink alcohol! What type of role model are you!
    And I just want to mention that I love Kouros’ crazy hair. :3
    As an aside, are there solid ages that Rufus and Kouros have, or is it supposed to be ambiguous? I find guessing a person’s age in anime style to be very difficult, despite watching it for so long. lol.

    • Morbidprince

      haha I agree! They would be around 13 to 14. I’m glad you like his crazy hair! It’s a good break from the usual stranded hair.

  • So, I have a question…I’m noticing some of these aces blend in more with humans than others. Is there a reason why? Does it depend on their rank, age or species or some combination of those or is there another factor entirely?

    • Morbidprince

      Great question! You are correct in thinking a combination of those plays a part. One more factor is how close that particular Ace are to humans. For example, Ice, who has lived amongst humans does not stand out too much, if he had any facial markings he know how to cover them. In the case of Fleance, He is Prince rank and since no obvious facial markings on Black Leopards, he also looks more humans. And I am thinking the entire different factor would be artistic license XD

  • kymyit

    Ice is so… stupid sometime? X°D I love it for this u.u