Ch 3 – 18 – Suck Milk

Ice getting owned by babies.   Should they be good Samaritans and put those trees back?

Sorry for the lack of responses from me everyone,a BIG shout out and big cyber hug goes to TwilightDreamer, Keys2tkingdom, Inuhime,  Infinitelon, Sanu Wolff, Red, Jay, Fluff, Samdyn, DinkyPuff, Foxie, and everyone who has been leaving me comments in the last month (sorry if I missed your name up there, but if you’ve made a comment I’ve read it!).  Thank you all for all the comments and feedback, I enjoyed reading all reactions whether its a one liner, a face, or a well thought out analysis. I promised that I will be replying to you all as soon as life calms down.

Reason I’ve been MIA, my station has acquired all airings of NHL Hockey.  As you may know, Hockey is a HUUUUUGE deal in Canada. For whatever twisted reason, my station decided to trust me along with a bunch of smarter people with the launch and the opening games.  Our first opening game was this Wednesday and I feel like I haven’t been home in awhile.  In addition to all of that, MLB is happening and so is NFL. Long and short, I’m going to be at work almost 24/7.

I apologize for the lack of responses and the super late reply to emails T.T (not that I was fast to begin with… >.>)

Thank you for reading my comic and hope you have an awesome weekend!  And for the Hockey fans out there, lets air out our jerseys, get out there and cheer for your team!  Since I’m in Toronto…Go Leafs Go!! ^__^

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  • EyeDontNo

    Half-man, half-ace? or is that Snake-Ace spreading lies to hide his crimes?

    • Morbidprince

      Definitely a very snake thing to do :)

  • TwilightDreamer

    aawww….poor sweeties….cheeky things, but poor darlings non the less :(
    Thanks for the shout and hug! XD *hugs back* <3

    • Sanu Wolff

      Wah! you took my reply! but oh well! *Group hug!* X3

      • TwilightDreamer

        I did?? whooooops! sorry ^-^ *hugs*

        • Morbidprince

          Group hug!!!! ^____^ wonder where is keys2tkingdom lately? D:

          • TwilightDreamer

            I thought I saw them the other day, but not sure…

          • Morbidprince

            Yeah! Hope he’s/she’s okay O_O

            hopefully just busy, you guys always have very interesting things to post and I always look forward to it when a new page goes up

          • Keys2tkingdom

            Indeed, he is doing fine. Between work as a freelance artist and changing my Internet service provider, let’s just say I’ve been busy ^_^;;

  • Lucy Gatehouse

    I don’t think I can follow the story much longer, we get one page each time and it’s kinda hard to follow. I’m not saying this to be mean that’s just my opinion.

    • Morbidprince


      • Guest

        I fine that he comment was ill stated! >.> If you have the need to stop reading then do so please don’t state such things knowing someone is putting their time and energy into something they (not only enjoy but) think will bring enjoyment to others. The online ver. is free and so I feel you should be grateful for it but if you are impatient than try saying “I love/am very interested in your story but can not wait for the next page!!!” which at that time someone would have directed you to either buy it or wait longer so that there is more to read.
        Please take into account the feelings of others (Which on a small lvl you may have done but still chose to leave up with your i’ll input) before you speak/write.

        Another writer

        • Lucy Gatehouse

          Jesus Christ! All I say is that I just don’t wanna read it anymore its not really my thing anyway! I’m free to express that i don’t wanna read this anyone and in what why did I disrespect anyone? Also I live in Britain with just enough money to get by so I can’t exactly go to anime expo or anything like that. I am sorry if my comment somehow offended anyone -.-

    • Kahnin Lee

      Oh well you should know the comic is already out :/ Perhaps going to anime expo would have been good for you I already read all of the first comic. And also, in my opinion, your opinion is not very nice :/ Have a good day.

      • Morbidprince

        No worries, no worries!! Everyone is welcome to stop reading and start reading anytime :) yes you can definitely buy the comic online anytime you wish or wait awhile and read a bunch a f pages together all up to you. I did this comic to entertain myself.

  • Evil_Simi

    I think “suck milk” shall now be my new insult *nods* yeah that sounds good.