Ch 3 – 12 – Servant Ace

If you have to know, that leaf featured in the bottom panel belonged to a plant from the Genus Alocasia, that’s all I know…  When I was a child I thought these looked delicious and tried to eat the stem… why am I telling you this? Never mind! Just don’t try to eat non-food house plants, the result is not pleasant.

Did you know that Black Leopards are not fully black, they have spots too it’s just black on black, hard to see.

Are you sick of my ocean yet? I’m not… this page was done in Janurary 2014 and we are getting another week of -20 Celsius, – 30 with fuck you wind chill.  So I’m never get sick of these Oceans and palm trees.

If you can imagine hearing the wave crashing while reading these pages. And if you’re someone who hears wave crashing cause you live by the sea or on vacation by the sea… I’m deathly jealous of you, feel my daggers of jealousy coming for youuuu =.=

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  • TwilightDreamer

    I love that last panel, with both Fleance and Edgar in their animal forms, it’s such a lovely picture :)
    Really loving all the detail you’ve put into the history and such of the story.
    Oh, and…yeah…I actually live right next to the ocean, sooooo……*races away screaming from daggers of jealousy* XD
    rofl…in saying that, it’s waaaayy too cold be going in the ocean right now anyway, we’re just at the end of Winter.

  • Inuhime

    This page is soo gorgeous. The bottom panel specially is just amazing. I love the idea of him choosing a little gecko on purpose, it’s soo cute. Love this page. I might mention since you mention the sea, I live in Miami XD”.

  • Sanu Wolff

    I can just see them smiling at each other in their own way! XD Oh how adorable if they had met at young ones!

  • Mirilali

    I have the palm trees, being in the desert of Phoenix,Arizona but I too am jealous of the oceansiders as well. If you send some of your -20/-30ness my way I’ll send some of my 39+ Celsius your way! Maybe we can even each other out.
    As far as trying to eat random house plants. Well, at least you can say you are(/were) open to trying new things?

  • Keys2tkingdom

    While it’s been said before, it can’t be overstated; the bottom panel is gorgeous. To say any more would be saying too much.

    I also really like how the image is a plausible event. That and I now have the metal image of Gecko!Edgar riding on Leopard!Fleance’s head, shoulders, or back.

  • Jay

    I know others have said it before too, but I love the contrast of the human!Fleance/gecko!Edgar and the leopard!Fleance/gecko!Edgar.
    I’m trying to picture Fleance’s voice in my head. He always comes across sounding very nonchalant, but when I read the “I will answer you, it is part of my duties…” I just thought of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.

  • Daniella

    Funny you should mention climatic conditions… I live in the Caribbean, it’s dead warm here. Ugh. I’d prefer chilly over heat anytime. Sighs. Beautiful work btw!

  • GrellFTW

    Wow, I really do love how beautiful this comic is! I don’t remember there being quite this much story-telling in the original draft, but either way… I think that it really adds to the comic, and is definitely excellent. Keep up the awesome work, my dear!

  • I am in love with the darker spots you put on Fleance’s fur. <3

    Explanations must be explained! I feel like we've gotten a lot of it lately, but it's all important to the story, so it must be addressed. C:

    I am always amused at Cherokee's bigness, especially since he's implied to be the youngest of the aces we meet. Was there a reason for that? A sort of comedic dichotomy against his age and stature?

  • Red

    Oh OH Morbid That last panel, the detail, Fleance’s spots, the leaf. How can you say you are not good at coloring? I have always been a feline lover (all felines, not just cats) I have seen so many tv show, documentaries, movies. Your black leopard looks awesome!
    BTW I work near the ocean I get to hear the waves, sorry envy me. Hehehe