Ch 3 – 10 – The Great Flood

In the rough draft Pandect, Cherokee knows a lot less, but I decided to make him a little smarter in this version.

There’s a theory out there that Noah’s Ark was mainly packed with baby animals rather than full sized adults.  I always see full sized animals depicted, so here’s a version where most of the creatures are babies.

While doing my Bible study on Genesis, I stuck on the word “Nephilim” and didn’t know what it meant.  It means Fallen Angel/Human Hybrid.  When I tried to find out more I was lead to the Book of Enoch.  Probably one of the most interesting book I’ve ever read next to the Bible.

P.S. I don’t own or hold any copyright to the links, they are simply part of my research during my Bible studies.  I simply wanted to share them.  Make it what you want.

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  • Inuhime

    The Nephilim were always interesting to me. Thought my bible teachers always told me that god didn’t save them cause they where corrupt. *Shrugs* I like that you made Cherokee a little smarter, though he still sounds like a baby when he’s talking. Him saying ‘mommy’ is sooo cute XD”

    • Sanu Wolff

      I spent the last three days trying to come up with something to say but you took the words out of my mouth XDD

  • TwilightDreamer

    Sorry for the late review. This is really cool to read, and already love the ‘sort of’ relationship between these two :)

  • Keys2tkingdom

    I really like this page. The fresh depiction of Noah’s Ark is pretty awesome in my opinion and the conversation between Fleance and Cherokee makes for great worldbuilding.

  • Jay

    The baby animals are a fantastic theory! It makes a lot more sense as well! Less food, less water, more space, less clean-up required.
    I’m enjoying the more knowledgeable Cherokee. That was an A+ change for me!

  • Teania

    I want Cherokee’s hair… it’s beautiful

  • Gabrielle

    Cherokee is just so adorable! I love how he says ‘mummy’ as apposed to ‘mother’ or just ‘mum’. It’s incredibly cute! Also, I’m liking the concept!

  • Jack Dunn

    The ‘flood story’ also plays a big role in my comic as well. So that’s some common ground.