• lol XD

  • Ocearen

    Oooo~ That’s like my Black Pine snake I picked up named Morgenstein. He is in fact mostly black with some brown scale patterns towards his tail, but the Black Pine Snakes as a whole range from brown to black. Depending on how much black depends on whether you can see the scale pattern throughout the body or just towards the end.

    Is it bad that all I can think of with Feance and Ice standing next to each other is you and the height difference of your fanbase when they would appear to buy prints and say hi? >__>;;

    • Morbidprince

      hahaha, so true… XD include the tree on that one!!
      HOw many snakes do you have?

      • Ocearen

        I just own three. Morgenstein the Black Pine along with Isabelle and Valentine the Mexican Black Kings. Oh, and mom (to save on hotel fees) was adamant that I not bring any snakes with me in July. >__>;;

        Otherwise my friends have a grand total of 65 snakes and tons of other reptiles, amphibians, and critters.

        • Morbidprince

          Aww, it’s all good!! it’s probably better for the little guys! I didn’t even think Hotels would allow such pets? XD XD

          WOw you guys are like a reptile club or something? I can hardly handle my one and only parrot

          • Ocearen

            My friends just have a ton. XD

            And…….. my adorably docile Morgenstein has turned into the “IMMAEATYOUGETAWAYFROMMEHISSSSSSSSTRIKESTIRKEHISSSSGETAWAYFROMMECHOMP!” … =__=;;

  • TwilightDreamer

    oooo! Is that true about panthers? I didn’t know that :D
    Poor Fleance, he’s really not the type suited to a zoo. Still, gotta love how excited Ice is despite Fleances more….somber mood…:P

    • Morbidprince

      It is true! Next time you visit the zoo and if they have a black panther around you’ll see the spots especially in direct sunlight.

      Wild animals usually don’t like zoos, they go into depression.

      • TwilightDreamer

        That’s awesome! :D If I ever get the chance to see a panther, I’ll be looking.

  • TwilightDreamer

    rofl!! I just came back for another look, and it’s NOW I notice what the zoo was called!! XD lol

    • Larkle

      I didn’t notice until you pointed it out. O.o.

      • TwilightDreamer

        lol, well again, it took me a second look to notice ^-^

  • Inuhime

    Ohhh poor thing, LOL. Being forced to breed and all… Meanwhile the puppy has a smirk through the entire thing. He doesn’t look to have minded any of that one bit. XD”

  • aki

    I just realised the name of the zoo X’D

  • Kurodekira

    The name of the Zoo is too funny!

  • alyssia

    just to ask a stupid question when does this web-comic update like every Saturday oorrrrrr what?

    • Morbidprince

      Not stupid at all! It updates every Friday, if you check every Saturday you’ll see a new page too :) As of now, the comic will update every Friday until Feb 2015

  • PuzzleSavant

    WTF Zoo. LOL! Oh! And uh…

    “In the jungle – the mighty jungle – Ace gets busy tonight!~” Pfft!

    • Morbidprince

      Now you’ve done it… that song is stuck in my head. Took me forever to get the Oscar Meyer Weiner song out and you gave me a new one

      • PuzzleSavant

        :p Just spreadin’ the love. ;-D

  • Kailee Jones

    Oh yay Fleance, teach me more random panther facts xD

  • Midoki

    Fleance flat out “Yes, of course” had me laughing loudly in the middle of the night the first time I read it.

  • Sheyn Beck

    Wtf zoo? I bet the guy who founded the zoo was drunk or high when he did it & when he sobered he was all like, ” WTF!!!! I founded a zoo? What the hell was I thinking?” Haha I just now noticed that. I missed it the first time I read this page!!!!!